Friday, July 19, 2013

my rs suggestions

Name: Be Resourceful
Description: Enter the Daemonheim Peninsula Recource buy runescape accounts dungeon and gather five maple logs.
Levels required to complete: 30 Dungeoneering.
Other content required (if known):

(Medium task)

Name: Crush Crush Crush
Description: Kill any bone-dropping monster whilst having the bonecrusher in your inventory.
Levels required to complete: 21 Dungeoneering and 21 Prayer
Other content required (if known): 34000 tokens.

(Hard task)

Name: ReGuardless
Description: Walk past the guard into the Wilderness from Daemonheim sell rs accounts .
Levels required to complete: None
Other content required (if known):

Friday, July 12, 2013

Saradomin was one of the gods who destroyed the North

Yeah, right. Saradomin was one of the gods who destroyed the North and turned it into the Wilderness. The others were Zamorak, Bandos and Armadyl. Zaros was gone, but he caused a lot of destruction buy runescape accounts. Seren I supported for a while, but it unbalanced things. GUTHIX!!!!! If a Jmod could in-box me I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks. IN NEED OF ACCOUNT HELP. If you made an armadyl update, perhaps there won't be lag with his true awesomeness.

Nicholas, Saradomin is genocidal, and racist. He hates all the races that are "evil". Why would ANYone follow Saradomin? Zamorak will die on the hands of Zaros or in my own hands, I will make sure of it sell rs accounts. Everyone knows about Strength Through Chaos. Strength Through Wisdom is ridiculously dumb. "Your account has not logged out from its last session or the server is too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes or try a different server." I bet jagex is saving the best (Zaros) for last . Seren and Armadyl will be next ;3

Anyone else have faced this problem recently? Death to zamorak, saradomin, and ALL who threaten the world of guthix Runescape accounts sell!

Follow the godless, know your place, dodge the subjugators of the deities, chained no more! Saradomin is awesome, but I never imagined him looking like this. He looks so old and sickly.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I have a different perspective on MMG

Honestly it's utterly obvious to me, maybe because I have a different perspective than you and D4? I was just flabbergasted to keep hearing "you can't use the (entire) 200 million figure" because I was completely rs accounts for sale upfront about using a percentage. *shrug*

Hadn't heard of the petition, but I heard all about the private server and the legal action(or threats thereof). And that's what (I heard) got their attention and thinking about the possibilities. (A big part of that was the donations he got.) And you're right, it's about the possible revenue stream. There was what, 750,000 votes required for it to not only have no extra membership fee but also open to f2p? If we go by the hiscores, there aren't even that many members, and it was a members-only vote.

And you hit the main argument on the nose - as I understand it, D4 is under the impression that the forum vocal minority is heavily influential on jagex policy and actions. He's free to correct me if I'm wrong sell rs accounts in my impression of his position, though. My position always has been that majority will trump minority (no matter how vocal) every time, because the majority provides the greater part of the revenue, and no capitalistic company would aggravate the majority to please the minority.

I could be wrong, but my perception is that MMG is in a quite unenviable position. He has to make players happy *and* be responsible for making sure the company turns a profit (the two being connected sell runescape accounts, but still). He's got an extremely negative vocal minority to deal with (the only power such a vocal minority ever has being a negative one, and we've certainly seen that with player attrition. The vocal minority likes to lay all of that on Jagex, but personally I see it as a mix of the mistakes Jagex has made (and boy have they made some blunders I will admit) and the negativity being spread around by the vocal minority. When I started back in '08, if I had seen all the negativity, I might not have started. (cont)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Diablo is the first game I ever play

Diablo(the very first one) is the first game I ever play! Now I cant get off the computer to stop playing it! I CANT WAIT TIL IT COMES OUT OF PS3!!!Don't you think it would have suited the X-box one better, y'know with no single player and having to be online to play buy diablo 3 account...

Don't you think it would have suited the X-box one better, y'know with no single player and having to be online to play...Good d3 gold thing PC gamers beta tested it for the past year.great so does that mean you're getting rid of the auction house and mandatory online play for your pc customers?Nope! RMAH is too much of a cash cow for Actiblizzion to drop.

All of the people who say Diablo3 sucks should just stick it to Blizzard and build your own awesome game....wait, you can't buy d3 gold. I for once was excited to have some of my friends who are not pc gamers exposed to the awesomeness that is the Diablo world. From a business point of view: why wouldn't you want to expand your market and also expand your fan base? It's easier to complaint and pretend that console gaming is bellow you. I'm a pc gamer too and feel sorry for all the pc gamers who start acting like little girls if a pc exclusive gets released for console.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I have over 300 in my stash lol

Rare? I guess I just don't craft enough then because I have over 300 in my stash lol.What this game actualy need to be loved is a trading spot, like what d2 had. Trading in d2 was nice but was lacking of act1 quest 1 ... the one that place you out of town and you have to Diablo 3 account sell walk that useless path.

bored being killed by disconnect while playing HC ... no protection for players at all and still being ignored by developers.they are truly worthless.. does any one actually craft in this game? Do the people at blizzard actually pay attention to the people that played this game? there is rarely 200 people on this game game... and they pretend like people are still having fun on it lol.... its delusional.

Considering what the originally planned as well, and what they do with WoW, it could be so much more. At least enough to keep players here after max level, not everyone likes making chars that when they die they are gone forever.thought you used the auction house to hunt for gear/other crap. Are people actually out diablo 3 gold looking for stuff? Are people still playing the game? I'd love to see som stats.

Friday, June 28, 2013

my gear AND MY diablo 3 account gets banned

An unban to see if some of the people have changed attitude?  Would be in order imo!as long as you keep playing the game...if you stop playing for awhile your authenticator means nothing...happened to me.

 Blizz, if u continue banning all of the Diablo III items for sale hackers, u'll end up with empty servers! There's no or almost no real players who doesn't use any kind of hack or third party apps when playing Who wants to bot a sorry game............oh yea that's seems logical why play a crappy game rather have a bot do it.They don't permit use of it "IN" Diablo 3.....did they say anything about the other games. I never used any hack in any game. But I'll get hacked, lose all my gear AND MY diablo 3 account gets banned. Thanks for nothing.

 Who wants to bot a sorry game............oh yea that's seems logical why play a crappy game rather have a bot do it.People think the Blizzard ban accounts just make money... but the truth is, they do that to save the game, because cheats and hacks will ruin the balance of the game and eventually ruins the game itself-that's proven and tested, best example, RF Online, I wont sell Diablo 3 account elaborate more, just do the research esp. on statstics of other online games. . . GOOD word Blizz.Diablo 2 is the best rpg ever made, Diablo 3 has great graphics and physics engine, but the gameplay sucks and the AH ruined the game.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm not in favor of Lodestones

While I'm not in favor of this, I'll still use it (why not? It's a competitive edge, after all). Can we at least make sure the following restrictions are in place:

1) No Elven LS w/o Regicide (maybe even Roving Elves) completed.
2) No Canifis LS w/o the quests to access Canifis(forget what they are, been so long since I did them) completed.
3) Warning on Wildy LS in case of misclicks (it'll be AWFULLY close to Edgeville LS, and I can't tell you how many times I've been trying to go to Fally, accidentally clicked Tav LS and wound up there).
4) No Fremmy LS w/o at least Fremmy Trials completed.
5) No Oo'glog w/o As a First Resort... completed.
6) No Eagle's Peak w/o, Eagle's Peak quest completed.

I think adding these req's will help balance them, and make it so that established lore is at least a little less ignored buy runescape accounts--aside from wildy one giving a warning. That one's just common sense.

Monday, June 24, 2013

more people to PvP

Though I tried my share of World PvP from time to time since I arrived to WoW, it never has attracted me enough to be serious about it. But I got guild invited to one of the new battlegrounds and it was really fun. I can't remember the name but it's the small one where you pick up balls. As we all were on the center most of the time, it was more of a deathmatch than anything else.

The gear isn't the issue, it is the attitude.  People gifting me some moba champions might have some impact on my performance, but would have little impact on my lack of enjoyment of the environment.

If Blizzard wants more people to PvP, there needs to be a better way to give players a better way to find a compatible group.   If a 'reads arena junkies daily" player plays with a "trys pvp once a month" player, then neither will have a fun experience and PvP will be a small niche in the game.

If they are going to continue with the current gear currency paradigm, where entering a new season requires rapid farming of fast wow gold honor for last season's gear as baseline, and the previous season's gear is also sufficient (or close enough) to catch an alt up for current tier LFR, they may as well combine honor and justice points into one "lesser" currency.

As things stand, if you aren't buying heirlooms, there is no strong reason for purchasing 458 JP items when you can convert to honor and purchase 476 gear (and soon, 496). While there is a penalty for converting JP to honor, it's just a small nuisance at this point; even with losing a 3rd the "value" of JP earned, it is still faster for a healer or someone willing to tank to grind "honor" through chaining heroics than running random BGs.

Also, next tier, the gear we can purchase through honor, barring a few trinkets, will be superior to anything we could purchase wow accounts for valor prior to 5.2 PVE vendor gear, and I think there's an expectation that we will do this, so why keep with the pretense of having to go to an obscure vendor in SW or Org to convert? It seems to me that if they want to encourage people to try different things, eliminating the difference in currencies for "baseline" gear would be smart.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Arena matches

"For Arena matches lasting longer than 15 minutes, one of the teams will receive a buff called "The Crowd Chose You" that increases damage, critical strike chance, stealth detection, and reduces damage taken. The buff is awarded based on the following criteria."

idk how I feel about this. Why not the debuff that is used in tournament play. Thought it was a stacking debuff to increase wow gold damage taken every minute after 15. I kinda rather have that because there have been plenty of times where as a healer ive been trained to 10% and escaped by the hair on my chin yet have come back and won (even in long matches)

increase to damage just seems a bit more fair. buff both teams damage, eventually the healers wont be able to keep up. This is more ideal for 3s I guess but you probably dont see many double dps games (vs double dps or vs healer/dps teams) lasting over 15. just my opinion. Also, scroll down really fast and look at names, all you see in purple and green.

Depending on what spec you play, KJC only affecting 1 spell is not an even trade off for no speed penalty. For raiding, the speed penalty has little to no effect if you have the forethought to not trigger it prior to being stuck in selling wow accounts the middle of fire: for PvP it is nice for kiting, but as soon as somebody puts a slow on you it is pointless (because multiple slow effects don't stack, current KJC will not have affected your speed if you get slowed by a player too). Your assertion that KJC only working on 1 spell is "more OP" is very situational. If you play a Lock you would know that (in PvE) moving while casting Soulstone for a Brez is very useful (don't want to stand in damaging mechanics and kill yourself trying to rez someone, do you?), you are REQUIRED to spam Drain Soul during execute phase as Affliction, as Demo you need to spam Soul Fire during execute phase also and if your pet dies you MUST resummon (though you are probably going to use insta-summon), and finally as Destro Chaos Bolt must be used often and always before max Embers.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I understand some of the nostalgia about attunements

I understand some of the nostalgia about attunements, aside from the "forgetting how annoying they were" factor.

First, they were lore-rich questlines leading up to the raids.  Many of the raids in the Wrath/Cata era suffered from "because it's there" syndrome with the raids.  A new raid was released, and you just flew on in.  It's a serious disconnect for people who enjoy the raiding and the lore of the game.

Second, they were incredible accomplishments, which felt rewarding.  Those raids that get lead-ups these days come from either the zones or complementary dungeons (Twilight Highlands/Bastion of Twilight and Dragon Soul/Deathwing, respectively).  Finishing the story of cheap wow gold a zone doesn't have quite the same impact as those quests which go above and beyond in making a story which encompasses the world.  Likewise with finishing dungeons; we've finished dungeons.  We always finish dungeons.  And we know that after we finish that dungeon for the quest, we'll be back there tomorrow for more gear, and then the next day and the next for valor points, ad infinitum.  The impact is lost.

Finally, I can understand the attitude of wanting to sell wow accounts and separate "serious raiders" from those who weren't willing to work for it.  I've pugged far, far too many players who probably wouldn't have fussed with an attunement; having some mechanism keep those folks out of the pool of raiders sure looks attractive after they volunteer for your raid then drop out two bosses in.

(I'm not saying I agree with that last point, but I do understand.  Ultimately, those people are a server-culture problem, not an attunement problem.)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ack, forced to use twitter with the annoying "1" after it, since my google account of the same name isn't returning my icon, merely the default image. Anyway on topic, I feel as if for many players we are robbed by so much of the lore taking place off screen. I wouldn't know the first place to go to start looking for a comic. I've read a few of the books and while they have certainly enhanced my appreciation of the game, without that missing link, I wouldn't care as much as I do about wow or what happens within it as I do now. I feel as if there should be a more active presence in game as to what's taking place off screen, otherwise the game itself loses something.

As a caveat of my own point I wanted to add that so much of the dragon aspect stuff felt lost on me this expansion that I just didn't care about Death-Wing as a major figure. Ironically it was me going back to sell world of warcraft accounts work on netherwing dailies to acquire my drakes that finally made any of the original bosses in Cata's launch make any sense to me. Lore doesn't have to be boring cut scenes in the middle of a boss fight or long drawn out quests. Just seeing NPC's approach each other and begin interacting is often enough to gather my attention.

"That said, I'm not sure how this could better be resolved in-game. I am thinking maybe with questlines...but not buying wow accounts everyone likes quests. Cut scenes might work...but not everyone likes them either." Well, they could do it in books, but not everyone likes them...oh wait!

I really think they just need to at least have little triggered cutscenes for us in-game, but more like the ones you get after your server downed the Lich King or Deathwing; stuff that you choose to watch or not.  Plus they already have that guy who just stands there moping by Magni, he'd be perfect to have his cutscene, and he was even an eyewitness so it makes more sense than a statue or Chromie. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Okay. I'll believe it when I see it.  We'll both be on the look out for Dalaran it seems. You and I have different feelings on groveling it seems, and that's totally fine.  Different strokes for different folks and all that. For example,  I see a situation where the Horde are killing each other.  This pleases me.  I should be finding a good seat and popping some popcorn as the whiny little punks run Ogrimmar red.

Instead....I am collecting dinner for Vol'Jin while he mocks me.  Maybe if I am a good boy I will get to wash his feet and braid his hair...because we all are just over the moon with Vol'jin....I mean, isn't that why we are helping his widdle rebellion instead of, i don't know...TAKING BACK ASHENVALE? Besides the fact that Stromgarde has far and away more meaning to buy wow gold the Alliance player and has been a long suggested desire for an Alliance story and push since before the Cataclysm revamp?

Doesn't that sort of exemplify the though process of Blizzards writers?  "Get in the kitchen Alliance and make me some grub, the Horde have battles to plan!"  I guess that's why the 10,000 year old Tyrande, leader of the Night Elfs, only knows how to bounce around for maximum tit shake.  If you are not super machismo, testosterone Ogres...your story is not cheap wow accounts worth telling. Varian is getting his fistpump moment in Orgrimmar, the, you know, Horde capital. Let the Worgen join the Night Elves (to whom they kind of owe a lot) in their war in Kalimdor. Let the Horde have some pride (and not the Sha kind) in something, because we're losing everywhere else.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The state of our toolbox

At the start of Mists there was a noticeable ability prune, as some spells and attacks became exclusive to one spec or another. For example, holy took most of the healing spells we once had the possibility of draining our mana with. Not really a loss there. However, consider that when the spec walls went up, we managed to squirrel away Holy Wrath and Consecration from holy and retribution, and in turn retribution got sole custody of Exorcism and Inquisition.

To partially make up for losing access to these abilities, Mists introduced the new talent system with its various optional abilities. One moment you could have Speed of Light sitting on your bars, and then another moment it's gone because Pursuit of Justice and Long Arm of the Law are both sell wow accounts passive. Protection paladins can be assumed to have to deal with a Sacred Shield button, unlike holy and ret. And on fights like Megaera you are probably going to have to deal with a Hand of Purity button, while other fights Clemency (with no extra buttons needed) may suffice.

And speaking of utility, paladins are probably a little unique among most classes in that because of our vast array of utility abilities and spells, we have a lot of "fluff" that might not always be used to buy wow gold, but can be so critical that you can't not have them somewhere handy on your bars. A great paladin is one that has Hand of Protection, Hand of Freedom, and Hand of Sacrifice at the ready, and an overly prepared (possibly paranoid) paladin is one that finds room for Hand of Salvation as well.

I could go on and on with other uncommonly used, situationally useful buttons -- Blinding Light, anyone? -- but I'll spare you all the grocery list.

Considering all that, when I'm evaluating everything on my bars today, including macros, and despite everything that's been taken away, I still feel like we have a very healthy number of buttons demanding our cheap wow accounts attention. Sure we're not (for example) a pet class with an array of macros just to keep the pet from somehow eating a healer in the heat of battle -- but it's still very feasible to feel overwhelmed by what we have to work with.

And as much as I may make it sound like PvE paladins have a lot on their plate, I can only begin to imagine what PvP paladins need to work with since their gameplay revolves around random and unpredictable situations.

Awesome wow news

this is so awesome and exactly the sort of thing that might bring me back to the game. i enjoyed pugging the comparatively intimate and easy 10 mans in wrath and cataclysm, but as pugging went down and joining a guild became more necessary, scheduling conflicts always got in the way.

i felt guilty if i missed a night, and if more than 1 or 2 of my fellow raiders couldn't make it i'd have to spend buying wow accounts a night i could have spent doing other things twiddling my thumbs.

they could try to improve the loot system somehow. i detest clearing a raid without seeing a single piece of gear- mousing over what dropped is part of my raiding ritual. maybe keep the individual gear system (there are many reasons why it is necessary) but maybe drop extra/useless stuff that the entire raid gets? i dunno.

in conclusion, LFR is neither engaging nor enjoyable for me, and this is something completely different. i only hope that i will be able to wow gold for sale hop directly into flexible raiding with full justice (read: quickly grindable) gear.

 I came back a few weeks before 5.3 and hit 90 after 5.3 had hit. Gearing up to 480 is doable in two weeks (I did it in 3 but I had a "no dailies" policy, although I got super lucky in the 470 raids).

Between PvP gear (one or two pieces can help... Maybe a weapon?), crafted gear, 5.3 barrens gear (you can get 1 a week with juju), and the honor gear it is possible to be ready for ToT in no time.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mana Tide Totem: Blessing and curse

Shaman have a very unique problem, something that takes the form of a blessing and a curse for us. Namely, this takes the form of Mana Tide Totem. Our wonderful little totem has been with us for quite a while, it has done some wonderful things for us as healers and making sure we have a well of mana to drink from when we need it. It's a great totem, don't get me wrong, but it has a dark side. The ability allows us not only to give ourselves mana back, but also to restore mana to our raiding healing counterparts withing 40 yards of cheapest wow gold it. Combine that with the fact that it operates at 200% of your spirit total excluding short term buffs like trinket procs, and you have a very powerful raid tool that is very coveted. It's good, no two ways about it. However it has a bit of a downside as well.

Since the birth of this wonderful water world spirit, restoration shaman have gotten saddled in some folks eyes with the label of mana battery. Something that while funny at first, has sort of become something that many raid leaders choose to solely identify healing minded shaman for. It has certainly always been a personal grievance of mine when I hear people refer to resto shaman as nothing more than mana batteries. There is a school of thought that holds that stacking spirit is the most important thing you can do buy wow accounts in terms of helping your raid team as a whole. That there is a certain amount of sacrifice that you need to make to your throughput in order to focus on having a ton of spirit. It is not a thought I subscribe to personally, but it is in fact out there.

Because of this cooldown, you may sometimes come under a lot of pressure to stack a ton of spirit and truly become that mana battery. It sounds like it may be something that isn't too common, but I get where to buy wow accounts a lot of emails about this and it does come up in conversation rather frequently whenever I'm talking to newer healers or resto shaman that have just changed guilds or raid teams.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blackrock Cavern and Throne

Two new gear vendors were added in Patch 5.3 that sell ilevel 232 gear so that you can immediately do the Blackrock Cavern and Throne of Tides dungeons upon reaching level 80. The ilevel requirement for both dungeons is 226 which is greater than the questing and dungeon gear from Wrath of the Lich King. Before the patch, if you were leveling up via dungeons, you had to stop and quest for a bit at level 80 in order to get fast wow gold the ilevel of gear required to continue running instances.

Quartermaster Iris Moondreamer at the Nordrassil Inn in Hyjal sells full sets of gear for each class. In Vash'jir, Erunak Stonespeaker saves you from drowning and then sells the same gear as Iris. The beginning quest reward gear in Cataclysm is ilevel 272, so questing for a while will get cheap wow accounts you better equipment, but these new vendors help close the gear gap.

Note: If you are choosing to buy your gear from Erunak, make sure to do so before completing the quest chain that gets you out of the sunken ship. as he stops being a vendor in the next phase.

I had missed this detail in the patch notes so it was a pleasant surprise when questing in Hyjal on a mage that had leveled the previous 20 levels via pet battles and archaeology. Though the gear gap isn't as large between the older expansions, I'd still like to see more supply vendors like these and the ones in Pandaria as you level up, particularly if you are doing so in a non-traditional way.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ashenvale under Grom Hellscream

In fact, I can't help but see a bit of bias in this article. There's no real mention of Alliance faults, assaults, or plain out aggression. Not a breath of information about Warsong, where the Elves very first decision was slaying countless Orcs for cutting trees for shelter. Or the Worgen creating a gate to save them from the scourge, but wouldn't allow Lordaeron (Now the Forsaken) to enter for sanctuary. What about cheap wow accounts invading the Barrens, fully knowing two large capitals of the Horde (Thunderbluff and Orgrimmar) are in the area?  What about Camp Taurajo? Transgressions that caused the Tauren to barricade entrance to Mulgore. The Draenei landing on Draenor causing the Burning Legion to invade and cause a mass Orc enslavement? I'm sure a warning might have been nice.. How about fully turning their back on Lordaeron and Silvermoon when they knew the Scourge were approaching?  I could keep going on and on... And if you know anything about lore you KNOW I could.

Maybe we could rewrite this article without a large chunk of bias, mentioning only the Horde faults and plenty of Alliance positives, hm?

You have a gift for downplaying the arguments you find  uncomfortable instead of actually addressing them in your rhethoric. An admirable trait, but not all that uncommon.

1) Orcs began the deforestation of Ashenvale under Grom Hellscream during the Third War, long before the night elves joined the Alliance or even learned of its existance - and never stopped. The "merely tools for shelter" part is an outright lie: that timber went towards the construction of military encampments and siege engines.

2) And your point is? Denying foreigners the admittance to a country is not an act of aggression, however unethical it may be. where to buy wow gold Note that these foreigners launched an full scale military campaign on that country after being denied, which is both an act of agression... and highly unethical.

3) Yeah, there was a treaty with the Horde. The Horde broke it before Alliance opened the second front in the Barrens.

4) Somehow I missed the part with the Burning Legion causing "a mass orc enslavement" after the draenei arrived on Azeroth. When and where exactly did it happen?

Thursday, May 30, 2013


What does it do? Allows you to pick herbs, which are primarily used for alchemy and inscription. In addition to being able to harvest herbs from the ground, you'll encounter the occasional plant-based monster that you can gather herbs from.

Do I need any gear? Though nothing is required, carrying the Herbalist's Spade in your inventory gives +10 to your herbalism skill. There are also bags specifically to carry herbs if you find your inventory swamped with herbs.

Do I get any extras? Herbalists have access to buy cheap wow gold the spell Lifeblood, an instant-cast self-heal that temporarily boosts your haste rating. It's very useful at low levels and still provides a small boost at higher levels.

Why take herbalism? If you want to do Alchemy or Inscription, Herbalism is highly recommended so you can pick your own herbs instead of having to buy them on the auction house. But if you want to make wow money, Herbalism by itself is a good option, too -- just take your herbs to the auction house to sell.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Haste affects RPPM

RPPM proc chances aren't based on your weapon speed, they're dynamically calculated during combat based on the time since the last attack landed. Abilities like Slice and Dice don't change your proc chance, since the increased number of attacks landing during SnD is accounted for in the dynamic formula. Unleashing a flurry of attacks with Killing Spree doesn't guarantee that you'll see a proc.

The only thing that affects the RPPM proc chance positively is pure haste. Haste rating on your gear, the 5% haste buff that's common in raids, and Bloodlust are the main three ways to obtain pure haste. If you have 20% haste on your gear and 5% from the raid buff, you'll see 25% more RPPM procs. A 2 RPPM proc like Windsong would then produce 2.5 RPPM procs. It's important to selling wow accounts realize that the increased proc chance comes not from the increased number of attacks, but rather from the haste itself factoring into the RPPM formula. Haste grants you extra attacks, and separately boosts your RPPM procs.

Haste vs mastery

Mastery has been assassination's go-to stat for most of Mists of Pandaria. In equal amounts, it typically beat crit, expertise, and haste. We've been stacking mastery via our gems and enchants, and reforging to it where possible. However, we are seeing more rogues start to get best wow gold prioritize haste over mastery, and that can be confusing to rogues that are used to mastery being the top stat.

Because haste positively affects the proc chance of RPPM procs, rogues with a lot of RPPM effects will see a lot of improvement when they add haste. If you're sporting the Capacitive Primal Diamond in your helm with the trinket pair of Renataki's Soul Charm and Talisman of Bloodlust with Dancing Steel on both of your weapons, haste will improve the proc chances of all of those effects. Now, instead of just increasing your number of attacks, haste is improving these RPPM procs.

When does haste outpace mastery? When does mastery outpace haste? Shadowcraft has the answer you're looking for. Shadowcraft does a pretty good buying wow accounts job of modeling the various RPPM effects and items, although the Rune of Re-Origination might be wonky (but is generally bad). The decision between stacking haste or mastery is deeply dependent on your specific gear. There's no reason to generalize (no RPPM trinkets = go mastery!) because Shadowcraft is going to give you the most accurate answer, and it's quick and easy to use.

Combine ingredients, mix until smooth

Despite your best efforts, trying to juggle too many WoW groups could bring the whole thing crashing down on your head. The more you divide your attention, the more opportunities there are to trip up –- or you could simply find yourself overbooked. Some of the best-laid plans will simply fail to buy wow gold rise, leaving you with a doughy partnership that nobody's especially keen to bite into.

Don't be afraid to say no or to stop doing something that isn't fun any more. Leaving a guild or regular gaming group doesn't mean goodbye forever. You can still keep in contact with friends you don't play with regularly.

Talk, talk, talk to your WoWmates, and try again cheapest wow gold. Or try something different. Or try something that's not WoW. Sometimes, the best solution is stepping away for a change of pace. Ever considered a casual night of homebrew and Hearthstone? ...

Monday, May 27, 2013

The role of the Alliance

Yet all this talk and discussion has been about the Horde, with very little told at all about the Alliance. Why? Because, quite frankly, the Alliance didn't need a reason to hate Garrosh. They probably didn't even need the destruction of Theramore, although it sealed the deal -- what Garrosh did in cheap wow gold Cataclysm was more than enough to have the Alliance clamoring for Garrosh's head. Varian was certainly gung-ho about going after him in the Ulduar trailer -- and Garrosh gave him more than enough reason to warrant the attack, with his casual insults. But Varian held back. And he continued to hold back. He held back all through Cataclysm, to the dismay and outrage of Alliance players. There was a logical reason for that, too -- the Alliance simply didn't have the forces to fight back where to buy wow gold. They lost a ton of good soldiers up in

Northrend, some to the Scourge, some to the Horde -- and the Cataclysm wreaked havoc on the Alliance races, too. The night elves were dealing with tremendous devastation in Darkshore and Ashenvale, the worgen had just been ousted from their kingdom, and the dwarves had just lost their beloved leader and were in the middle of a civil dispute for leadership. That left who -- the gnomes? The draenei? The gnomes were busy with their own troubles trying to take back Gnomeregan, something they still haven't fully completed. where to sell wow accounts The draenei are notoriously renowned for being by and large peacefully diplomatic -- they even helped the blood elves restore the Sunwell.

They put together the Shattered Sun Offensive to unite both Horde and Alliance against a common foe, and then watched that unity fall apart. They weren't about to throw themselves into open war. That meant that the Alliance had to be patient -- that Varian had to be patient. And he's been deliberately patient in Mists, because if nothing else, Theramore vividly demonstrated that charging blindly into a situation regarding the Horde was a terrible idea. He sent some of his best commanders to Theramore to help -- and saw them killed for their efforts. Varian doesn't want to lose any more lives than necessary, and he knows he can't just blindly rush in -- he has to assess the situation first.

Friday, May 24, 2013

the WoW page

I like how people come to the WoW page just to comment telling people to not play WoW. Let people play whatever the hell they want. Shane, you look like an adult.. and it seems like you're proud to call yourself a "troll" - how dumb. It's a game. Some people have fun with it.. some don't. Period. Speak for yourself Shane. Personally I think you're an idiotic troll who wow gold for sale doesn't deserve the privilege of playing. Be really happy if you never did. Most of us like this page because Blizzard has given us an amazing world and years of great memories。

Not my favourite Expansion (TBC was my favourite), but one of my more favourite Trailers, I love the voice over on it, it made the whole of the Trailer just bind together I thought. The only expansion with DK class that I really liked. Catacylsm just turned me off completely and now kung-fu panda has converted me over to buy wow gold TOR for good. Maybe one day they will take out something epic like Wrath and I might come back.  You guys are retarded for making a lich look like a death knight and then you made the problem worse by making all the zombies lok the same and like vodoo dolls and now you killed the game with the gayness of kung fu pandas. Star wars didn't kill you, you did.

Funn how, in every old trailer, there's a bunch of people saying "BEST WOW ERA EVER! Clearly Blizzard stopped caring after this! bla bla I'm not gonna sub again!" yeah, that's cool, you still bother enough to like their page and comment so, enjoy your SWTOR and GW2, we'll all be here waiting for you when you return for MoP. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WoW would release a facebook post

I would like to see Sylvannas to play a hand. The forsaken have been a bit complacent in all this recent trouble. I agree. With her newfound sense of responsibility to her people, I'd like to see her more active. To all the haters of this game, UNLIKE this page... NOW!!! You're not worthy of being here anymore.

No, because it makes no sense to waste your time following and commenting on something just to say how much you hate it. Go take the trolling somewhere else, we see enough of that in Trade and on wow gold the forums. I love how the whiners complain on the WoW page they have 'liked'. Save it for someone who cares.

Remember once upon a time WoW would release a facebook post and have 20,000 likes and 1,000 comments in a matter of minutes? Now days only 400 comments and 2,600 likes after an hours time.

They shot themselves in the foot hardcore. Perhaps the greatest MMO found in ruins, dead realms, empty cities, and a whole wave of children spamming trade chat.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Azeroth as a deity

Last week, we looked at the possibility of the Curse of Flesh actually being some sort of planetary self-defense system; a way to incorporate foreign elements -- Titan creations -- with Azeroth, in a planetary attempt to restore the world to its correct state, one of chaos. If this were the case, then the Old Gods can be assumed to be part of Azeroth. An innate part of Azeroth, one that existed from the moment of Azeroth's creation. The Curse of wow gold for sale cheap Flesh came into play not as some sort of malevolent device, but as a defense attempt by the planet to absorb the foreign elements introduced by the Titans.

In last week's column, I suggested that perhaps the races of Azeroth are the strange byproduct of this bizarre mutation between natural and Titan creation. Here's where it gets a little weird, and requires another giant step back to buy wow accounts look at Azeroth objectively. If the planet is, in fact, some sort of entity, rather than just a planet -- if we are the antibodies trying to rectify this weird Titan-constructed thorn stuck in the finger of the world -- then what does that make the Ancients and the Celestials? For that matter, what does that make the Old Gods?

Yu'lon pointed out the cyclical nature of life as she explained her odd life cycle to us in the Jade Forest. "We live together, or we die together. All of Pandaria is connected." Time and time again, throughout this expansion, we've had the point of all existence being connected smashed into our heads. We've had it pointed out that life is about balance, through the existence of the sha. It's been noted over and over that Emperor Shaohao overcame his weaknesses by defeating the sha, and then sought to protect the land.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

have fun with wow

Last week we discussed how to get rid of the funsuckers making our WoW time less enjoyable. There was quite a bit of discussion in the comments and we had one blogger address the issue as well.

Account-wide ignore
I and others suggested one step in the right direction would be to make ignore account-wide. As long as the other characters on the ignored account were added to the ignore list invisibly, it couldn't be used for griefing.

Peer review
I had also mentioned the Tribunal system that League of Legends uses to police its player base. Commenter Yoojine linked to a video that described the science behind LoL's techniques. If you have the time to look at it, I highly recommend it for those who are interested in studying human behavior. It's fascinating and also heartening that a game company is going through so much effort to make the gameplay experience less toxic for everyone. Basically, they use peer review, direct feedback and the concept of priming to lower the toxicity of the in-game experience. I think that WoW could benefit from Blizzard conducting similar experiments on us.

The fishbowl
Tiny Priest wrote up a blog post suggesting using fishbowls for populating level 90 Raid and Dungeon Finder groups. In this system, people would be matched with others that have similar schedules and playstyles as recorded by the game. So that if you tend to run the Raid Finder on Monday nights, you would be grouped with people with the same schedule on a regular basis, rather than with anyone who happens to be queued at the time. The same would go for battleground groups. These fishbowls would be relatively small at 60 to 100 players, therefore you would see the same people all the time instead of grouping with strangers most of the time.

Community Blog Topic Results How to get rid of funsuckersThis system would certainly help with accountability, as the players would no longer be people you will most likely never see again. But there would still be the griefers who just don't care, and in fact would love to terrorize the same people over and over again. Getting ignored by a few players would pop the funsucker out of that fishbowl, but into another one. I also think it would be difficult to maintain by Blizzard. While they do have the data at their disposal to do this, I would think the development of an appropriate system would be rather complex and would involve much trial and error -- like cross-realm zones.

In fact, we are experiencing something close to fishbowls out in the wild with CRZs. I've seen people from the same server over and over again while leveling -- with one server having a very bad reputation for griefing. If my lowbie got one-shot by a 90, the chances of the player being from that realm was high. But that's part of the PvP game and what am I going to sell wow accounts, report the entire Alliance from that server? My only option is to grin and bear it or not play on that server. I fear fishbowls in dungeons might have the same result, because not all funsucking behavior is reportable.

Penalty Volcano
There was some discussion in the comments of Blizzard's Penalty Volcano. This is the hierarchy of punishments that Blizzard doles out to offenders. Reader Eliza would like to see more of a "penalty hill" with the removal of some of the intermediate punishments. She also suggests that a temporary chat ban might be more appropriate -- you'd still be able to play but would not be able to buy cheap wow gold chat with anyone except those on your Real ID friends list.

Griefing as a report menu option
Gnome rude gestureI completely agree with Bobbacca and others that there needs to be more options in the right-click drop-down reporting menu. When you right-click someone's name, griefing should be an option. The punishments in the Penalty Volcano will only be applied to those who are reported and many just won't go through the rigamarole of having to fill out a GM ticket. They just want to get back to playing the game.

Cryptozoic smashes funding goal

You've no doubt heard about Cryptozoic, who makes the World of Warcraft trading card game. But these days, Blizzard is focusing on its home-brewed digital TCG Hearthstone and Cryptozoic is working on a new project: Hex, which they call an MMO trading card game. Hex takes advantage of its all-digital nature to add some MMO elements like characters, gear, and guilds to a traditional TCG game. And, while it's not out yet -- Cryptozoic expects the beta to start this September -- the Kickstarter campaign to fund the game is happening now. With 21 days to go, Cryptozoic has already blown past their $300,000 funding goal with $567,000 raised at the time of this writing. Now they're working on stretch goals which will add new gameplay features for everyone -- and new bonuses for backers -- as they're reached.

If you're interested in a different kind of TCG -- or a change of pace from World of Warcraft -- cheap wow gold and buy wow gold and you might want to check out Cryptozoic's Kickstarter. Contributing $10 will get you into the beta this fall and $20 and up gets you beta access and cards once the game launches -- including some special cards you'll only ever be able to get through this Kickstarter campaign.

Old School RuneScape

Massively multiplayer online title RuneScape will have its old servers running the game's 2007 version brought back online, developer Jagex announced today.

Old School RuneScape, a version of the game running the same as it did in 2007, will be launched due to popular player demand and will run on servers separate from the current 12-year-old version of RuneScape. Since opening its poll on Friday regarding cheap rs accounts the restoration of the Old School servers, Jagex has received more than 160,000 votes in favor of the launch.

According to a post on the game's website, voters will determine the "ultimate level of investment" for Old School RuneScape and whether or not it will require a membership fee. All players who participate in the poll will receive their first month of Old School RuneScape for free, even if the vote ends in favor of paid subscriptions.

The developers will host a live chat on the RuneScape forums tomorrow, Feb. 20 at 3 p.m. ET to answer questions about the return to Old School. Players who have not yet voted can still do so on Jagex's website.

Jagex notes that it is already at work preparing the servers' relaunch and will notify players when that are up and running.

bridge the gap between motion control and hardcore first-person shooters

The Delta Six, a controller designed to look like a real-life combat rifle, returned to Kickstarter yesterday seeking $100,000 to bring it to market, according to the official Kickstarter page.

Creator David Kotkin writes that the controller will "bridge the gap between motion control and hardcore first-person shooters" by offering features like recoil, infrared proximity sensors that automatically zoom and the ability to tap the clip to reload. Delta Six will be compatible with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC and a "downloadable patch" will bring compatibility with next-gen consoles, via the Arduino open source electronics prototyping platform.

"People shell out money on big 3D HDTV and digital surround sound (or expensive top of the line headsets) to feel the intensity and urgency of a game in the way the developer intended," Kotkin wrote on the Delta Six Kickstarter page. "However, this is lost when you shoot and diablo iii accounts you are still only holding a controller, not something that feels like a gun. Delta Six will change this without sacrificing performance or control. It will enhance both."

Pledges begin at $1, and a pledge of $159 will net backers a controller. According to the Kickstarter page, the estimated retail price for the Delta Six is $225. If funded, Delta Six is set for release in August.

Kotkin launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Delta Six controller last October seeking $500,000 but canceled the campaign on Nov. 1 after receiving $73,449 from 472 backers. As of this writing, sell diablo 3 account and the new Kickstarter campaign has received $23,569 from 125 backers with 29 days remaining. He previously launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Def-Con 4 Avenger Controller, which exceeded its $5,000 funding goal last December. You can check out the video pitch for the Delta Six above.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Massages and notices to Jagex

Massages and notices to Jagex

So there are some (sorry if i did some mistakes because i am a hungarian) :

- Why you killed Nex and Kalphite King contents with nerfing their items a lot. What's more, kills are longer but its ok but the droprate stays at the same... For example a lot of effort to kill Kalphite King for bad chance on drop..
On the other hand, you can stay it what it now maybe with better chances but please, if we have to tribid you should do fast gear change and more quick pray 3 for each: range, mage, melee. It could be nice becouse in this way is so hard and annoying..
Please read this notice or idea and do something about it, Thanks.
Ok, Kalphite King is okay now.

- You should make like 20 or more abilities so everyone can set up his/her own ability tab so no one will has the same bar. I am noticing that u should rethink some of your level reqs for abilities. For example in magic: the best ones between 2-55 mage and the most if the 80+ abilities are junk... but there is a good one the Guthix's Blessing which is nice and useful, but the others..
Change the reqs please, and sort the abilities to weak to stronger what it should be because higher levels for stronger abilities..For example only level 2 magic needed for one of the best ones: Asphyxiate...I hope you know what i mean. Thanks.

- What about the loyality program? You put it away for Solomons or you are working on programming it? You promised more things to your loyal members.
I should notice that a loyal member and premium member too, but you should have to give more benefit to your loyal members: for example let them access to sell runescape accounts and the HTML5 beta and Interface alpha. Do not forge your old members please..Thanks.

- Please give us like 4 or more inventory slots it should be nice and useful or please sell some for like loyality points. Thanks.

- Please rethink Soulsplit, Penance aura and others because they are amost useless now.. What's more, we think there is a bug Penance should give cheap rs accounts 5% prayer from a hit but it only gives 0,5%, check it please. Thanks.

~ There are no more energy transfer so we can't use it like at Livid farm (which is so monoton and annying and a lot work -.-, maybe should be updated) on the npc but it is still exist at Magic skill.

- Because of the bots the skills can gain low money, but they should be nice without the bots.. take them away or you are able to ban bots by HTML5? You should do something fast because RuneScape's economy going downhill.. Thanks.

- Please do a fast list of friend chats what we used before. Thanks.

- I am collecting more, this is like a beta of them....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A beast for the slaughter

“A beast for the slaughter.”

Those who call themselves demon hunters are not a people or a nation. They owe allegiance to no king. They are but a remnant – an echo – of those who’ve lost their lives to hellspawn. When their homes are burnt and their families butchered by demons, most newly scarred refugees give up on living – but a few bury their dead, band together, and swear vengeance.Though they are small in number, hunters track and corner demons in the hopes that, if they can save even one life, their world will be better for it. sell diablo 3 account At the end of a day’s hunt, most still close their eyes and have nightmares in which they see the horrors that brought them together: gore-caked claws, and men and women drowning in their own blood.Awake, demon hunters see much the same. But, now, in the present, they finally have the power to retaliate.They dare not dream of victory, or, even less likely, peace. And yet, they hunt. They can do nothing else.

Varrock Points of Interest

 Varrock’s shops are always well-stocked with the best items, but the real attraction is the Grand Exchange, where players of all shapes and sizes can come to trade or buy items that may be normally out of their reach. The Grand Exchange is always open, with its clerks working 24/7 to help you find the best deal possible. The Grand Exchange is located in the north-west of Varrock, with certain items (such as the ring of wealth) transporting you there instantly.

Varrock looks prepared for an invasion. This is the price the city pays for sitting so close to the Wilderness and Morytania. Walking about near Varrock's eastern bank is a Town Crier, who is more than happy to explain the Rules of Conduct and the role of Player Moderators. cheap rs accounts for sale now.

You can access the Rune Essence Mine by having a quick chat with Aubury, who can be found in his rune shop in the south-east of the city. South of the city is the Champions' Guild, which is constantly keeping an eye out for talented adventurers. You are also able to buy some potent items upstairs.

Aside from this, the guards and locals might prove worthwhile combat targets to those interested in advancing their skills.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


i started playing runescape cuz i saw a guy in my class killing zombies i love zombies so i gave it a try i was ftp for years then i got my own computer and did members i been a member for about three years i believe haha. no matter what i like runescape i love that we can solo bosses i hate wow never played it never will i like how u make the characters look real not all bulky and overpowered this game is still good even though ppl complain about eoc i also complained but i noticed u are not going to change it so i adapted to it.You can buy rs accounts or selling runescape accounts on  When u really like something u work it out and i did lol. Maybe u guys can work on new monsters stop focusing on specific kinds and start making new ones not single combat based but different atk types. i can happily submit new monster ideas or even drawings. runescape still gives me butterflies lol

jagex why are you letting people rent their own God Wars Dungeon? so stupid, now bandos armadyl and other items are going to crash in price. Can the f2ps atleast expect new quests? I'm on the verge of quitting it again.

Runescape Quest

Runescape! Let me start! I have played this game sense around 2006, I was 11 when I starting playing! I loved the game and played it till around 2009, from 2009-2012 I have gone on and off a few months at a time! You can buy runescape accounts on runescape2-accounts and you can also sell rs accounts. I love the direction the game is going in! I love all these beautiful updates, the graphics, quests! I love engaging in the voice quests! I love the game and I understand the SOF and its benefits! I just hope they never put items that allow for other quests/minigames!

QUESTS QUESTS QUESTS the first of the series should be f2p then the rest all p2p , this could be an awesome quest series, I am now so exited I fed mine a machete so his name is machete im too exited now. After I killed his father, I picked up its bone and gave it to my troll. Now its name is "My Own Dad"

Sunday, May 5, 2013

there goes more inventory space

I got one of these last night, and I thought, "Oh great, there goes more inventory space." Don't get me wrong, they look great and I don't mind cosmetic updates, but can you guys at least give the cosmetics a function or make them tradable? Jagex- you must of heard about the rumours for the new skill? Apparently someone leaked that it would be Divination? It's all anyone is talking about on the forums- why not just confirm or deny it? Seriously- if it is Divination- your better telling people what to expect so they do not build it into something it's not- and if it's not Diviantion- well say so and stop all the inevitable spam threads on the forums. buy runescape acocunt for cheap now.

I don't mind this but jagex is killing the game and oldschool only has about a year of life left.  I thought somewhere deep down the drain in a remote place called two months ago that you wanted to advertise microtransactions solely ingame.  So, if you're lucky enough to land one of these masks, what outfit would you combo it with? I think the green one would go well with the Guthixian Butterfly Outfit we gave out a few months ago.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bring back runescape classic

Does this mean we are finally free of people posting irrelevant things that have nothing to do about the topic that was posted by RuneScape? Thank goodness for that. Though personally I would give them a taste of selling runescape accounts their own medicine by going to their page and complaining about them releasing Old School, but I'd rather not stoop to their level.Lol more like old new runescape. Bring back runescape classic for the ones who actually made this site possible. Get rid of GE and bring back merching.

Would be helpful if you could pay more attention to Classic Runescape, like allowing player to not actually have to trawl though the site to get to it or buy runescape account. Far too much focus on "old" RS.Trying to rebuild my 07 account like I had it, but scared Jagex will just take it away again. I would pay a huge fee to get my old stats back.....Keep dreaming right?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Starlight ore is coming to RuneScape

I have an idea to alpha / beta wich would be awesome if added to real game later on. so we r able to see distant lands right, it would be so amazing! if we would be able to see people too that would be like wow!!Hmm, Guess f2p gets no say in an update once again, nothing new though, I'm not even mad lmfao. I'm used to it. How about if an update is going to be released for both f2p and p2p you let both test it, just a suggestion, God you need to open your eyes and fix this mess you've made of Runescape.Do this mean that members can try this now? Or just the members that is invited. I did register me for the Alpha version. But my member just ran out. What do I have to do for the Alpha? //Mys Pys

Awesome update, I got into the Html5 Beta so didn't get selected for this one which sucks, wanted be in both. People need learn to adapt and evolve with change or quit.When are you guys going to finish unbanning/muting the people that got wrongfully banned and muted on the 18 April.. it has been a long wait, I haven't been able to get onto the beta yet! looks good I was just trying to finish my progress on 2007 before I got the beta. Will RS3 Improve some mini-games such as FoG, it is currently dead as players are no longer attracted to it. Its rewards are Great but inaccessible since no one plays it or buy cheap runescape accounts.
I would love to see it alive again.

I'm here to give my feedback on this alpha interface update. I think it's better to use the old one, cause I've used to the minimap on the top right corner and yeah for the tabs on the lower right corner, easier to selling runescape accounts view.Mod sabre i need help i just been scam in game 100mill and i want justice to those players i reported them as soon as they went private and i have 2 of those 3 scammers

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pirates, Gnomes, Dwarves; decide which quest line continues!

I am still severly torn between gnomes and dwarves. I could like another gnome quest, dark gnomes sounds cool, but after walking trough keldagrim? that too also needs a big graphical update xD.  Unliking this retarded page, this is starting to become worse than Wizard 101, next thing you know they'll advertize this crap on Disney. As with an earlier conversation about ninjas,it would be an interesting idea.perhaps maybe it could involve the Death lotus assasins? though personally i would like to see a gnome quest come in selling runescape accounts because they're usually decently long and tie along a good storyline which is something dwarves and pirates don't usually do and the storyline that they do have just seems...boring

You guys should check your emails for cheap runescape accounts and, thats the only way to contact you and I have been muted for 2 days from a think that happened 3 MONTHS ago and i already served that mute

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Squeal of Fortune: Slayer Masks

UPDATE: The increased chance to win Slayer masks and XP lamps, as well as the 1.5x Slayer XP from Squeal of Fortune-won lamps, is now active until Thursday March 28th, 23:59 (GMT).

The Slayer Tower was revamped a few weeks back and - combined with this week’s Squeal of Fortune release - there’s never been a better time to dive into game and start slaying!
Slayer Masks

Five new masks have arrived on the Squeal of Fortune, each themed around a specific Slayer monster (crawling hands, cockatrices, basilisks, kurasks and abyssal demons).

Equip a mask and attack the creature it’s based on and you’ll find your combat stats are optimised for victory, damage is boosted (if you're on a related Slayer task), and extra Slayer XP is earned! You’ll earn double drops for every tenth creature that you kill – there’s a handy counter that tells you how many you’ve taken out so far – and you’re twice as likely to land a trophy drop.

What’s more, while wearing each mask, you can ensure that - once a day - your next Slayer assignment is for its represented monster. You can also use it to teleport to locations where the creature can be found, twice a day, and it'll act as a facemask or (in the case of the cockatrice and basilisk masks) as a mirror shield.

After a specified number of kills, it'll no longer grant bonus XP, extra damage or double drops, but you'll unlock the ability to switch your mask to a new 'helm' form. Not only does the helm form look even cooler, it enables an awesome creature-specific emote.

If that’s not enough of a helping hand for selling runescape accounts even the most seasoned Slayer, both regular and Slayer-specific lamps yield 1.5x Slayer XP until Thursday March 28th, 23:59 (GMT)..

If you’re not a member, remember that you can experience the first five levels of Slayer (and most other members’ skills) and cut your teeth on cheap runescape accounts the basics before making the step up to our members' community.

You’ll have an increased chance of one of these masks and Slayer XP lamps from Friday 22nd March 00:00 GMT until Thursday 28th March 23:59 GMT. Be sure to check out the official FAQ for further details.

You can purchase spins here, or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ in the Squeal of Fortune interface. Don’t forget that members get two daily spins instead of one!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Super-Rare a Day

Have you won any of the super rare Squeal of Fortune items so far in our 'Super-Rare a Day' offer?Mod crow. " I made a report and I ment to report that player as encourage player rule breaking and I accidentally put macroing/bots. Sorry and won't happen again mate.I mostly end up with coin bags, I have gotten a few of the warlord items but don't expect to get full set. Shame really....Oh well I still have fun playing, I work full time and have a family and it's selling runescape accounts a good way to just relax at night when I get in while they are in bed.

what are you guys talking about? i got the full archon set on here, a headress, at least 5 prismatic pendants + one prized pendant,3 sets of 5 small recharge gems for the pendants, multiple +2 spin tickets, both horns, and 2 pairs of samid's gloves ...a friend even got the 200M from the wheel and bought 3rd age stuff with it...I did not buy even ONE spin on this game all those spins were either from quests, skilling, the 2 free spins you get a day or if i landed on the spin tickets they were added on...there are times when you are lucky and times when you are not.

 give jagex a break guys. Comeon, you do know that other games just sell gold/exp outright. Microtransactions are the norm for games these days and Jagex is probably the game that gives u the least advantage when u use irl money. tbh, even if jagex just offers an option to buy runescape account gold, it's not all bad considering that will decrease the number of gold farmers and those who want to buy gold can do it officially through jagex

Sunday, April 14, 2013

which would you choose?

If you could change the outcome of one of the RuneScape quests which would you choose? Something storychanging after Ghost's Ahoy. Nothing profound happens to Port Phasmatys after being "liberated" by your petition/manipulation. The protestors and other villagers still remain. I believe this would be a key to the Eastern Lands, given the npc posted there who sells bolt racks. I'd like to suggest that either you make all the items available on the SoF available on F2P, and/or give us the option to convert member items into coins, or create two separate SoF's; one for P2P and another for F2P(with no member items being available).So many characters had tragic deaths in quests...One Piercing Note, The World Wakes, While Guthix Sleeps, Song from the Depths or selling runescape accounts...But if the endings weren't as tragic, the quests wouldn't be as meaningful.

 I would stop sliske by throwing my godsword trough his chest. Take the staff of armadyl. And use it to kill him. As well as all who are blinded by loyalty for their gods *cough* zilyana *cough* I'd change the outcome of all the penguin quests in RuneScape. It all turned out to be a dream. The Penguin storyline is in my opinion the only downside on RuneScape. You have a whole fantasy world with tons of creatures to make epic storylines with, and still there are some killerpenguins. Kudos to therest though or buy runescape account.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

THANK YOU so much, Jagex!

THANK YOU so much, Jagex!! I've never been a PKer or a Mercher, but the fact that these are back, I feel much happier about RuneScape. It just seems right.

Ignore all the flamers, complainers, and ignorant players who came post-Old Wilderness and post-Free Trade. They have no idea what they were about to experience, and as such, they were under-prepared. They didn't expect to get cheap runescape accounts and rushed in the Wilderness, not pay attention and get scammed, be lured into the wilderness, become greedy in the Dueling Arena, or go into the WILDERNESS to the Forinthery Dungeon - all losing their items. Sometimes, when one doesn't think logically, it's best to learn by experience... that's what these players are doing.

In the world today, this "spoon-feed-me-all-the-facts-tools-funds-excuses-for-life-and-I'm-never-responsible" mentality is like a plague and the less-mature players of RuneScape are showing it on the forums. So, to Jagex and the players, IGNORE THEM and let them LEARN from their own MISTAKES.

This is RuneScape as it should be. Grow up, complainers.

Back to the regular issue... I'm just so glad this is all back. The market is beginning to thrive, gold (the currency) is "worth more" now, the prices are becoming more appropriate and selling runescape accounts, and the market is now absolutely fair. Merching is possible again.

PK'ing is now profitable - AS IT SHOULD BE - considering you're risking your items, many times at least one very expensive item (if you want to be effective). You now get what the other player possessed if you successfully defeat him - AS IT SHOULD BE.

Though scamming is back (and luring, I don't think should be against the rules, though it is dishonest), so is community and the usefulness of the report system. I'll take a good, thriving community with its few lumps any day over the dormant society RuneScape was prior to the event.

This is what's fair. This is what has returned. This is what RuneScape should be.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RS's F2P

Comments on any post made by Runescape are always hilarious. People yelling at eachother because the version the other person likes is the worse version of the game. Just play whatever the hell version you like. Calling someone a 'nostalgiafag' Is just stupid and uncalled for.

 They just recently achieved 200*,000,000 accounts, not just 2 million. Jagex measures their statistics pretty accurately - for the most part, most bots can't really be included in the unique monthly statistics, because they filter the results. and was that through the history? Only a short while ago didn't they only have 2,000,000 players and cheap runescape accounts? And did this include bots and maybe Gold Farmers. And how many of these "players" were the same person. Don't forget you can only have one character per account. So if you want two toons. You need 2 accounts. Also after a certain point you do hit pretty much endgame. You run out of new weps, armor, and quests. There's really no dungeons either. That'd be considered endgame once you run out of new content.

 You can still play RS's F2P for as long as you want - there's no F2P endgame. I don't know what game you've been playing if you think there's a F2P endgame. Just because you ran out of F2P quests? There's still plenty to do to have fun as a F2P player, granted that the members game is much more fun because of selling runescape accounts and how much more there is. There's approximately 1k hours of potential gameplay in the free game.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There are 1 million likes

im f2p and im playing this game over 6 years, i quitted 1 year because all the updates, now im playing it again and i only see like max. 1000 people on a world, jagex remember those days like before the updates, how mutch people were online? i think that every world was full and now .... :s well here u go look what u have done jagex, what will be the next update? flying people?

There are 1 million likes because people like me forgot to unlike this page... we never bothered... but Runescape is so bad now. After quitting since the big combat update, I decided to check the homepage and see if they took it out yet... and then I saw the update about the mask and how they reached 1 million likes on Facebook and selling runescape accounts, so that reminded me to unlike it

EoC ruined Runescape for me, so i cancelled my subscription. And if enough people quit, they will change and buy cheap runescape accounts. People started hating the game after they took the wildy out, and now it's back, right?

I hate the abilities cause it makes lower levels too strong, almost negating the time and effort higher level players put in to get their stats high. Oh, and the way they calculate XP now (especially mage combat) sucks. I used to average 500xp per CAST in Ape Atoll dungeon.... not anymore.

Monday, April 8, 2013

I was shocked

SO EXCITED!! I was really upset with Jagex this last month or so, what with all the hoo-haa around the 2007 servers and delaying TWW quest. But now that we've been glimpsed into HTML5 RS.... IM SO EXPLETIVE EXCITEDDDDD!!!

i used to like playing castle wars, until the godswords were introduced. it completely killed it for me. Plus i liked the old combat lvling system before eoc. my main goal in the entire game was to get 128cb. then 136 w/ summoning. now it kinda sucks being stuck at 200

 I was shocked when I got them on the first spin. They sell for close to 300k but don't sell them! I get about 25k or more every 10 minutes or cheap runescape accounts less while skilling. They have 100 do the math! That really adds up!. Good luck.

 I would have loved to play. But right after I paid for a new month, my 8 and a half year old account was permanently banned for selling runescape accounts botting. Not only have a never botted in my life, but I wasn't even online at the time. I filled out an appeal thinking that it was just a mistake. No response. I waited the while month I had paid for, nothing. At the end of the month, I was informed that Jagex does not do appeals on bottling bans. So you guys not only screwed up, you lied about the appeals system. I waited, checking everyday to see when you would realize your mistake. I get permanently banned when I wasn't playing and I can't even get someone to review it? The ban happened after hours at Jagex, meaning that there was noone to verify your mistake. My name was Dr Hangman. I really enjoyed rs for years, until you guys screwed up. Be warned rs players, it happens to me even though I helped find botters and get them removed. I hate what botting has done to the game. And if you protest loud enough, you will be banned too.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Players' Gallery 43: Results

The world woke, and with it so did its artists. They have paid tribute to a god that shall never be forgotten. They have immortalized him in their drawings, captured the story of his ending and the beginning of things that are yet to come. Dark colours and little butterflies dominated this Players' Gallery as the players tried to visualise the emotions one can't escape from while playing The World Wake quest.

We received an enormous amount of entries this time and quarreled from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn about which picture was the best! It has never been so difficult but don't take our word for it, and go and see for yourself. You can find the best entries on our wiki page and on deviantART where you can chat with the artist themselves. Now, without further ado, we are proud to announce the winners. Sometimes the best helping hand you can get is a good, firm push. so, you can selling runescape accounts or get cheap runescape accounts on


Congratulations to BornToDesign for a masterfully beautiful and emotionally rich illustration of Guthix as A God Born of Pain A small development team is committed to Old School RuneScape currently. Making OSRS free to play would probably result in a significant drop in membership numbers and also profit as a result. Besides, it's basically the same fee it's always been to receive the membership benefits of OSRS.

Monday, April 1, 2013

playing games good for us?

In the 21th century , more and more people spend their much time in surfing the internet ,the computer is  more and more popular to people ,no matter young people or old people ,even some little children ,they also do like play computer everyday. some surfing internet are for business ,some are for shopping. Some are for checking their information, some are for chat with their friends, some are see movies and so on ,however ,more and more people who surfing internet for a whole day are for playing games .such as the game of runescape account. So weather or not do people playing games good for us?

There are kinds of comments about it, some people think it is not good for their health, there are three reasons .firstly, playing games all day it will hurt yourself because of the strong radiation.secondly, the games will make people feel tried as we keep an eye out the screen, our eyes will have a sence of pain,and also our brain will lack of oxygen.
the thirdly, playing for a longtime of games will make people out of their real world ,however, some people have the active comments about it. they think playing games like the RS accounts for sell will make you relax while your daily work ,if you have some pressure from work that’s will take works well ,the secondly , playing games sometimes can excise one’s ability of ingenuity, most of importantly, playing the RS account games will help you earn some money ,because when we buy the RS account at in a lower levels with little money ,and then ,we can sold it in a higher level ,we can get the while we play it .

Every people have their own ideas ,in my opinion ,I think when we play games we should pay more attention to our health, firstly, we can't sit front of our computer for a long time ,we must care of our eyes, and avoid the shortsightedness and then we should play the health games not the fake games ,such as some harmful psychological games .the last one is when we play the games we must to thinking of the advantage of this kind of games .in a word ,what ever we do we have to thinking of our health and the profit. selling runescape accounts

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Runescape Wilderness Warbans for RS Players

Quercus will regularly send out notifications as warband camps crop up in the Wilderness. You'll need to gather some strong, trustworthy friends, gear up, and make your way there past the PKers and other perils of the Wilderness. Do this, though, and with skill, teamwork and plenty of courage, you'll be able to take the warband down.
Armadyl Warbands

If you've set your sights on taking out a warband, a direct assault isn't the way to go. Each warband camp is based around a buy runescape accounts summoning beam, used by the warband to summon in allies. Get close enough without being seen, and you'll be able to convert the beam, switching its alignment to that of a rival god. The conversion process is quicker the more people are involved, so be sure to sneak in as many saboteurs as you can. Once that's complete, the colour of the beam will change, and you'll be able to start another such process: this time, a summoning ritual to bring in a rival warband! Once successful, the opposing force will attack and you can get stuck into the fight on your own terms. These are the first enemies in the game to use Evolution of Combat mechanics and all-new AI, so they'll still be formidable foes!
Saradomin Warbands

If you make yourself seen, the warband will summon like-minded rogues through the beam, and the fight will be stacked against you. Also, sell runescape accounts  never forget that this is the Wilderness. You'll make a tempting target for PKers - or even traitors from your own ranks - who may deliberately alert the warband to distract you while they take you down.

Everyone involved with converting the beam or summoning in the rival warband will receive a healthy helping of Prayer or Summoning XP (respectively) at the completion of each stage. The leader of each warband also gives a chunk of Slayer XP to those responsible for his demise. On top of that, each warband's camp includes tents, filled with crates of ill-gotten goods related to a number of skills: Construction, Farming, Herblore, Mining and Smithing. Everyone involved can loot up to 25 of these per camp, and bringing these back to Quercus will earn you generous XP in the crates' related skills. You can't teleport while carrying the crates, though, so this might be easier said than done!