Friday, June 7, 2013

Awesome wow news

this is so awesome and exactly the sort of thing that might bring me back to the game. i enjoyed pugging the comparatively intimate and easy 10 mans in wrath and cataclysm, but as pugging went down and joining a guild became more necessary, scheduling conflicts always got in the way.

i felt guilty if i missed a night, and if more than 1 or 2 of my fellow raiders couldn't make it i'd have to spend buying wow accounts a night i could have spent doing other things twiddling my thumbs.

they could try to improve the loot system somehow. i detest clearing a raid without seeing a single piece of gear- mousing over what dropped is part of my raiding ritual. maybe keep the individual gear system (there are many reasons why it is necessary) but maybe drop extra/useless stuff that the entire raid gets? i dunno.

in conclusion, LFR is neither engaging nor enjoyable for me, and this is something completely different. i only hope that i will be able to wow gold for sale hop directly into flexible raiding with full justice (read: quickly grindable) gear.

 I came back a few weeks before 5.3 and hit 90 after 5.3 had hit. Gearing up to 480 is doable in two weeks (I did it in 3 but I had a "no dailies" policy, although I got super lucky in the 470 raids).

Between PvP gear (one or two pieces can help... Maybe a weapon?), crafted gear, 5.3 barrens gear (you can get 1 a week with juju), and the honor gear it is possible to be ready for ToT in no time.

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