Saturday, April 27, 2013

Starlight ore is coming to RuneScape

I have an idea to alpha / beta wich would be awesome if added to real game later on. so we r able to see distant lands right, it would be so amazing! if we would be able to see people too that would be like wow!!Hmm, Guess f2p gets no say in an update once again, nothing new though, I'm not even mad lmfao. I'm used to it. How about if an update is going to be released for both f2p and p2p you let both test it, just a suggestion, God you need to open your eyes and fix this mess you've made of Runescape.Do this mean that members can try this now? Or just the members that is invited. I did register me for the Alpha version. But my member just ran out. What do I have to do for the Alpha? //Mys Pys

Awesome update, I got into the Html5 Beta so didn't get selected for this one which sucks, wanted be in both. People need learn to adapt and evolve with change or quit.When are you guys going to finish unbanning/muting the people that got wrongfully banned and muted on the 18 April.. it has been a long wait, I haven't been able to get onto the beta yet! looks good I was just trying to finish my progress on 2007 before I got the beta. Will RS3 Improve some mini-games such as FoG, it is currently dead as players are no longer attracted to it. Its rewards are Great but inaccessible since no one plays it or buy cheap runescape accounts.
I would love to see it alive again.

I'm here to give my feedback on this alpha interface update. I think it's better to use the old one, cause I've used to the minimap on the top right corner and yeah for the tabs on the lower right corner, easier to selling runescape accounts view.Mod sabre i need help i just been scam in game 100mill and i want justice to those players i reported them as soon as they went private and i have 2 of those 3 scammers

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pirates, Gnomes, Dwarves; decide which quest line continues!

I am still severly torn between gnomes and dwarves. I could like another gnome quest, dark gnomes sounds cool, but after walking trough keldagrim? that too also needs a big graphical update xD.  Unliking this retarded page, this is starting to become worse than Wizard 101, next thing you know they'll advertize this crap on Disney. As with an earlier conversation about ninjas,it would be an interesting idea.perhaps maybe it could involve the Death lotus assasins? though personally i would like to see a gnome quest come in selling runescape accounts because they're usually decently long and tie along a good storyline which is something dwarves and pirates don't usually do and the storyline that they do have just seems...boring

You guys should check your emails for cheap runescape accounts and, thats the only way to contact you and I have been muted for 2 days from a think that happened 3 MONTHS ago and i already served that mute

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Squeal of Fortune: Slayer Masks

UPDATE: The increased chance to win Slayer masks and XP lamps, as well as the 1.5x Slayer XP from Squeal of Fortune-won lamps, is now active until Thursday March 28th, 23:59 (GMT).

The Slayer Tower was revamped a few weeks back and - combined with this week’s Squeal of Fortune release - there’s never been a better time to dive into game and start slaying!
Slayer Masks

Five new masks have arrived on the Squeal of Fortune, each themed around a specific Slayer monster (crawling hands, cockatrices, basilisks, kurasks and abyssal demons).

Equip a mask and attack the creature it’s based on and you’ll find your combat stats are optimised for victory, damage is boosted (if you're on a related Slayer task), and extra Slayer XP is earned! You’ll earn double drops for every tenth creature that you kill – there’s a handy counter that tells you how many you’ve taken out so far – and you’re twice as likely to land a trophy drop.

What’s more, while wearing each mask, you can ensure that - once a day - your next Slayer assignment is for its represented monster. You can also use it to teleport to locations where the creature can be found, twice a day, and it'll act as a facemask or (in the case of the cockatrice and basilisk masks) as a mirror shield.

After a specified number of kills, it'll no longer grant bonus XP, extra damage or double drops, but you'll unlock the ability to switch your mask to a new 'helm' form. Not only does the helm form look even cooler, it enables an awesome creature-specific emote.

If that’s not enough of a helping hand for selling runescape accounts even the most seasoned Slayer, both regular and Slayer-specific lamps yield 1.5x Slayer XP until Thursday March 28th, 23:59 (GMT)..

If you’re not a member, remember that you can experience the first five levels of Slayer (and most other members’ skills) and cut your teeth on cheap runescape accounts the basics before making the step up to our members' community.

You’ll have an increased chance of one of these masks and Slayer XP lamps from Friday 22nd March 00:00 GMT until Thursday 28th March 23:59 GMT. Be sure to check out the official FAQ for further details.

You can purchase spins here, or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ in the Squeal of Fortune interface. Don’t forget that members get two daily spins instead of one!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Super-Rare a Day

Have you won any of the super rare Squeal of Fortune items so far in our 'Super-Rare a Day' offer?Mod crow. " I made a report and I ment to report that player as encourage player rule breaking and I accidentally put macroing/bots. Sorry and won't happen again mate.I mostly end up with coin bags, I have gotten a few of the warlord items but don't expect to get full set. Shame really....Oh well I still have fun playing, I work full time and have a family and it's selling runescape accounts a good way to just relax at night when I get in while they are in bed.

what are you guys talking about? i got the full archon set on here, a headress, at least 5 prismatic pendants + one prized pendant,3 sets of 5 small recharge gems for the pendants, multiple +2 spin tickets, both horns, and 2 pairs of samid's gloves ...a friend even got the 200M from the wheel and bought 3rd age stuff with it...I did not buy even ONE spin on this game all those spins were either from quests, skilling, the 2 free spins you get a day or if i landed on the spin tickets they were added on...there are times when you are lucky and times when you are not.

 give jagex a break guys. Comeon, you do know that other games just sell gold/exp outright. Microtransactions are the norm for games these days and Jagex is probably the game that gives u the least advantage when u use irl money. tbh, even if jagex just offers an option to buy runescape account gold, it's not all bad considering that will decrease the number of gold farmers and those who want to buy gold can do it officially through jagex

Sunday, April 14, 2013

which would you choose?

If you could change the outcome of one of the RuneScape quests which would you choose? Something storychanging after Ghost's Ahoy. Nothing profound happens to Port Phasmatys after being "liberated" by your petition/manipulation. The protestors and other villagers still remain. I believe this would be a key to the Eastern Lands, given the npc posted there who sells bolt racks. I'd like to suggest that either you make all the items available on the SoF available on F2P, and/or give us the option to convert member items into coins, or create two separate SoF's; one for P2P and another for F2P(with no member items being available).So many characters had tragic deaths in quests...One Piercing Note, The World Wakes, While Guthix Sleeps, Song from the Depths or selling runescape accounts...But if the endings weren't as tragic, the quests wouldn't be as meaningful.

 I would stop sliske by throwing my godsword trough his chest. Take the staff of armadyl. And use it to kill him. As well as all who are blinded by loyalty for their gods *cough* zilyana *cough* I'd change the outcome of all the penguin quests in RuneScape. It all turned out to be a dream. The Penguin storyline is in my opinion the only downside on RuneScape. You have a whole fantasy world with tons of creatures to make epic storylines with, and still there are some killerpenguins. Kudos to therest though or buy runescape account.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

THANK YOU so much, Jagex!

THANK YOU so much, Jagex!! I've never been a PKer or a Mercher, but the fact that these are back, I feel much happier about RuneScape. It just seems right.

Ignore all the flamers, complainers, and ignorant players who came post-Old Wilderness and post-Free Trade. They have no idea what they were about to experience, and as such, they were under-prepared. They didn't expect to get cheap runescape accounts and rushed in the Wilderness, not pay attention and get scammed, be lured into the wilderness, become greedy in the Dueling Arena, or go into the WILDERNESS to the Forinthery Dungeon - all losing their items. Sometimes, when one doesn't think logically, it's best to learn by experience... that's what these players are doing.

In the world today, this "spoon-feed-me-all-the-facts-tools-funds-excuses-for-life-and-I'm-never-responsible" mentality is like a plague and the less-mature players of RuneScape are showing it on the forums. So, to Jagex and the players, IGNORE THEM and let them LEARN from their own MISTAKES.

This is RuneScape as it should be. Grow up, complainers.

Back to the regular issue... I'm just so glad this is all back. The market is beginning to thrive, gold (the currency) is "worth more" now, the prices are becoming more appropriate and selling runescape accounts, and the market is now absolutely fair. Merching is possible again.

PK'ing is now profitable - AS IT SHOULD BE - considering you're risking your items, many times at least one very expensive item (if you want to be effective). You now get what the other player possessed if you successfully defeat him - AS IT SHOULD BE.

Though scamming is back (and luring, I don't think should be against the rules, though it is dishonest), so is community and the usefulness of the report system. I'll take a good, thriving community with its few lumps any day over the dormant society RuneScape was prior to the event.

This is what's fair. This is what has returned. This is what RuneScape should be.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RS's F2P

Comments on any post made by Runescape are always hilarious. People yelling at eachother because the version the other person likes is the worse version of the game. Just play whatever the hell version you like. Calling someone a 'nostalgiafag' Is just stupid and uncalled for.

 They just recently achieved 200*,000,000 accounts, not just 2 million. Jagex measures their statistics pretty accurately - for the most part, most bots can't really be included in the unique monthly statistics, because they filter the results. and was that through the history? Only a short while ago didn't they only have 2,000,000 players and cheap runescape accounts? And did this include bots and maybe Gold Farmers. And how many of these "players" were the same person. Don't forget you can only have one character per account. So if you want two toons. You need 2 accounts. Also after a certain point you do hit pretty much endgame. You run out of new weps, armor, and quests. There's really no dungeons either. That'd be considered endgame once you run out of new content.

 You can still play RS's F2P for as long as you want - there's no F2P endgame. I don't know what game you've been playing if you think there's a F2P endgame. Just because you ran out of F2P quests? There's still plenty to do to have fun as a F2P player, granted that the members game is much more fun because of selling runescape accounts and how much more there is. There's approximately 1k hours of potential gameplay in the free game.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There are 1 million likes

im f2p and im playing this game over 6 years, i quitted 1 year because all the updates, now im playing it again and i only see like max. 1000 people on a world, jagex remember those days like before the updates, how mutch people were online? i think that every world was full and now .... :s well here u go look what u have done jagex, what will be the next update? flying people?

There are 1 million likes because people like me forgot to unlike this page... we never bothered... but Runescape is so bad now. After quitting since the big combat update, I decided to check the homepage and see if they took it out yet... and then I saw the update about the mask and how they reached 1 million likes on Facebook and selling runescape accounts, so that reminded me to unlike it

EoC ruined Runescape for me, so i cancelled my subscription. And if enough people quit, they will change and buy cheap runescape accounts. People started hating the game after they took the wildy out, and now it's back, right?

I hate the abilities cause it makes lower levels too strong, almost negating the time and effort higher level players put in to get their stats high. Oh, and the way they calculate XP now (especially mage combat) sucks. I used to average 500xp per CAST in Ape Atoll dungeon.... not anymore.

Monday, April 8, 2013

I was shocked

SO EXCITED!! I was really upset with Jagex this last month or so, what with all the hoo-haa around the 2007 servers and delaying TWW quest. But now that we've been glimpsed into HTML5 RS.... IM SO EXPLETIVE EXCITEDDDDD!!!

i used to like playing castle wars, until the godswords were introduced. it completely killed it for me. Plus i liked the old combat lvling system before eoc. my main goal in the entire game was to get 128cb. then 136 w/ summoning. now it kinda sucks being stuck at 200

 I was shocked when I got them on the first spin. They sell for close to 300k but don't sell them! I get about 25k or more every 10 minutes or cheap runescape accounts less while skilling. They have 100 do the math! That really adds up!. Good luck.

 I would have loved to play. But right after I paid for a new month, my 8 and a half year old account was permanently banned for selling runescape accounts botting. Not only have a never botted in my life, but I wasn't even online at the time. I filled out an appeal thinking that it was just a mistake. No response. I waited the while month I had paid for, nothing. At the end of the month, I was informed that Jagex does not do appeals on bottling bans. So you guys not only screwed up, you lied about the appeals system. I waited, checking everyday to see when you would realize your mistake. I get permanently banned when I wasn't playing and I can't even get someone to review it? The ban happened after hours at Jagex, meaning that there was noone to verify your mistake. My name was Dr Hangman. I really enjoyed rs for years, until you guys screwed up. Be warned rs players, it happens to me even though I helped find botters and get them removed. I hate what botting has done to the game. And if you protest loud enough, you will be banned too.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Players' Gallery 43: Results

The world woke, and with it so did its artists. They have paid tribute to a god that shall never be forgotten. They have immortalized him in their drawings, captured the story of his ending and the beginning of things that are yet to come. Dark colours and little butterflies dominated this Players' Gallery as the players tried to visualise the emotions one can't escape from while playing The World Wake quest.

We received an enormous amount of entries this time and quarreled from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn about which picture was the best! It has never been so difficult but don't take our word for it, and go and see for yourself. You can find the best entries on our wiki page and on deviantART where you can chat with the artist themselves. Now, without further ado, we are proud to announce the winners. Sometimes the best helping hand you can get is a good, firm push. so, you can selling runescape accounts or get cheap runescape accounts on


Congratulations to BornToDesign for a masterfully beautiful and emotionally rich illustration of Guthix as A God Born of Pain A small development team is committed to Old School RuneScape currently. Making OSRS free to play would probably result in a significant drop in membership numbers and also profit as a result. Besides, it's basically the same fee it's always been to receive the membership benefits of OSRS.

Monday, April 1, 2013

playing games good for us?

In the 21th century , more and more people spend their much time in surfing the internet ,the computer is  more and more popular to people ,no matter young people or old people ,even some little children ,they also do like play computer everyday. some surfing internet are for business ,some are for shopping. Some are for checking their information, some are for chat with their friends, some are see movies and so on ,however ,more and more people who surfing internet for a whole day are for playing games .such as the game of runescape account. So weather or not do people playing games good for us?

There are kinds of comments about it, some people think it is not good for their health, there are three reasons .firstly, playing games all day it will hurt yourself because of the strong radiation.secondly, the games will make people feel tried as we keep an eye out the screen, our eyes will have a sence of pain,and also our brain will lack of oxygen.
the thirdly, playing for a longtime of games will make people out of their real world ,however, some people have the active comments about it. they think playing games like the RS accounts for sell will make you relax while your daily work ,if you have some pressure from work that’s will take works well ,the secondly , playing games sometimes can excise one’s ability of ingenuity, most of importantly, playing the RS account games will help you earn some money ,because when we buy the RS account at in a lower levels with little money ,and then ,we can sold it in a higher level ,we can get the while we play it .

Every people have their own ideas ,in my opinion ,I think when we play games we should pay more attention to our health, firstly, we can't sit front of our computer for a long time ,we must care of our eyes, and avoid the shortsightedness and then we should play the health games not the fake games ,such as some harmful psychological games .the last one is when we play the games we must to thinking of the advantage of this kind of games .in a word ,what ever we do we have to thinking of our health and the profit. selling runescape accounts