Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Massages and notices to Jagex

Massages and notices to Jagex

So there are some (sorry if i did some mistakes because i am a hungarian) :

- Why you killed Nex and Kalphite King contents with nerfing their items a lot. What's more, kills are longer but its ok but the droprate stays at the same... For example a lot of effort to kill Kalphite King for bad chance on drop..
On the other hand, you can stay it what it now maybe with better chances but please, if we have to tribid you should do fast gear change and more quick pray tabs..like 3 for each: range, mage, melee. It could be nice becouse in this way is so hard and annoying..
Please read this notice or idea and do something about it, Thanks.
Ok, Kalphite King is okay now.

- You should make like 20 or more abilities so everyone can set up his/her own ability tab so no one will has the same bar. I am noticing that u should rethink some of your level reqs for abilities. For example in magic: the best ones between 2-55 mage and the most if the 80+ abilities are junk... but there is a good one the Guthix's Blessing which is nice and useful, but the others..
Change the reqs please, and sort the abilities to weak to stronger what it should be because higher levels for stronger abilities..For example only level 2 magic needed for one of the best ones: Asphyxiate...I hope you know what i mean. Thanks.

- What about the loyality program? You put it away for Solomons or you are working on programming it? You promised more things to your loyal members.
I should notice that a loyal member and premium member too, but you should have to give more benefit to your loyal members: for example let them access to sell runescape accounts and the HTML5 beta and Interface alpha. Do not forge your old members please..Thanks.

- Please give us like 4 or more inventory slots it should be nice and useful or please sell some for like loyality points. Thanks.

- Please rethink Soulsplit, Penance aura and others because they are amost useless now.. What's more, we think there is a bug Penance should give cheap rs accounts 5% prayer from a hit but it only gives 0,5%, check it please. Thanks.

~ There are no more energy transfer so we can't use it like at Livid farm (which is so monoton and annying and a lot work -.-, maybe should be updated) on the npc but it is still exist at Magic skill.

- Because of the bots the skills can gain low money, but they should be nice without the bots.. take them away or you are able to ban bots by HTML5? You should do something fast because RuneScape's economy going downhill.. Thanks.

- Please do a fast list of friend chats what we used before. Thanks.

- I am collecting more, this is like a beta of them....

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