Monday, May 20, 2013

Azeroth as a deity

Last week, we looked at the possibility of the Curse of Flesh actually being some sort of planetary self-defense system; a way to incorporate foreign elements -- Titan creations -- with Azeroth, in a planetary attempt to restore the world to its correct state, one of chaos. If this were the case, then the Old Gods can be assumed to be part of Azeroth. An innate part of Azeroth, one that existed from the moment of Azeroth's creation. The Curse of wow gold for sale cheap Flesh came into play not as some sort of malevolent device, but as a defense attempt by the planet to absorb the foreign elements introduced by the Titans.

In last week's column, I suggested that perhaps the races of Azeroth are the strange byproduct of this bizarre mutation between natural and Titan creation. Here's where it gets a little weird, and requires another giant step back to buy wow accounts look at Azeroth objectively. If the planet is, in fact, some sort of entity, rather than just a planet -- if we are the antibodies trying to rectify this weird Titan-constructed thorn stuck in the finger of the world -- then what does that make the Ancients and the Celestials? For that matter, what does that make the Old Gods?

Yu'lon pointed out the cyclical nature of life as she explained her odd life cycle to us in the Jade Forest. "We live together, or we die together. All of Pandaria is connected." Time and time again, throughout this expansion, we've had the point of all existence being connected smashed into our heads. We've had it pointed out that life is about balance, through the existence of the sha. It's been noted over and over that Emperor Shaohao overcame his weaknesses by defeating the sha, and then sought to protect the land.

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