Monday, June 24, 2013

more people to PvP

Though I tried my share of World PvP from time to time since I arrived to WoW, it never has attracted me enough to be serious about it. But I got guild invited to one of the new battlegrounds and it was really fun. I can't remember the name but it's the small one where you pick up balls. As we all were on the center most of the time, it was more of a deathmatch than anything else.

The gear isn't the issue, it is the attitude.  People gifting me some moba champions might have some impact on my performance, but would have little impact on my lack of enjoyment of the environment.

If Blizzard wants more people to PvP, there needs to be a better way to give players a better way to find a compatible group.   If a 'reads arena junkies daily" player plays with a "trys pvp once a month" player, then neither will have a fun experience and PvP will be a small niche in the game.

If they are going to continue with the current gear currency paradigm, where entering a new season requires rapid farming of fast wow gold honor for last season's gear as baseline, and the previous season's gear is also sufficient (or close enough) to catch an alt up for current tier LFR, they may as well combine honor and justice points into one "lesser" currency.

As things stand, if you aren't buying heirlooms, there is no strong reason for purchasing 458 JP items when you can convert to honor and purchase 476 gear (and soon, 496). While there is a penalty for converting JP to honor, it's just a small nuisance at this point; even with losing a 3rd the "value" of JP earned, it is still faster for a healer or someone willing to tank to grind "honor" through chaining heroics than running random BGs.

Also, next tier, the gear we can purchase through honor, barring a few trinkets, will be superior to anything we could purchase wow accounts for valor prior to 5.2 PVE vendor gear, and I think there's an expectation that we will do this, so why keep with the pretense of having to go to an obscure vendor in SW or Org to convert? It seems to me that if they want to encourage people to try different things, eliminating the difference in currencies for "baseline" gear would be smart.

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