Monday, April 15, 2013

Super-Rare a Day

Have you won any of the super rare Squeal of Fortune items so far in our 'Super-Rare a Day' offer?Mod crow. " I made a report and I ment to report that player as encourage player rule breaking and I accidentally put macroing/bots. Sorry and won't happen again mate.I mostly end up with coin bags, I have gotten a few of the warlord items but don't expect to get full set. Shame really....Oh well I still have fun playing, I work full time and have a family and it's selling runescape accounts a good way to just relax at night when I get in while they are in bed.

what are you guys talking about? i got the full archon set on here, a headress, at least 5 prismatic pendants + one prized pendant,3 sets of 5 small recharge gems for the pendants, multiple +2 spin tickets, both horns, and 2 pairs of samid's gloves ...a friend even got the 200M from the wheel and bought 3rd age stuff with it...I did not buy even ONE spin on this game all those spins were either from quests, skilling, the 2 free spins you get a day or if i landed on the spin tickets they were added on...there are times when you are lucky and times when you are not.

 give jagex a break guys. Comeon, you do know that other games just sell gold/exp outright. Microtransactions are the norm for games these days and Jagex is probably the game that gives u the least advantage when u use irl money. tbh, even if jagex just offers an option to buy runescape account gold, it's not all bad considering that will decrease the number of gold farmers and those who want to buy gold can do it officially through jagex

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