Monday, June 3, 2013

Ashenvale under Grom Hellscream

In fact, I can't help but see a bit of bias in this article. There's no real mention of Alliance faults, assaults, or plain out aggression. Not a breath of information about Warsong, where the Elves very first decision was slaying countless Orcs for cutting trees for shelter. Or the Worgen creating a gate to save them from the scourge, but wouldn't allow Lordaeron (Now the Forsaken) to enter for sanctuary. What about cheap wow accounts invading the Barrens, fully knowing two large capitals of the Horde (Thunderbluff and Orgrimmar) are in the area?  What about Camp Taurajo? Transgressions that caused the Tauren to barricade entrance to Mulgore. The Draenei landing on Draenor causing the Burning Legion to invade and cause a mass Orc enslavement? I'm sure a warning might have been nice.. How about fully turning their back on Lordaeron and Silvermoon when they knew the Scourge were approaching?  I could keep going on and on... And if you know anything about lore you KNOW I could.

Maybe we could rewrite this article without a large chunk of bias, mentioning only the Horde faults and plenty of Alliance positives, hm?

You have a gift for downplaying the arguments you find  uncomfortable instead of actually addressing them in your rhethoric. An admirable trait, but not all that uncommon.

1) Orcs began the deforestation of Ashenvale under Grom Hellscream during the Third War, long before the night elves joined the Alliance or even learned of its existance - and never stopped. The "merely tools for shelter" part is an outright lie: that timber went towards the construction of military encampments and siege engines.

2) And your point is? Denying foreigners the admittance to a country is not an act of aggression, however unethical it may be. where to buy wow gold Note that these foreigners launched an full scale military campaign on that country after being denied, which is both an act of agression... and highly unethical.

3) Yeah, there was a treaty with the Horde. The Horde broke it before Alliance opened the second front in the Barrens.

4) Somehow I missed the part with the Burning Legion causing "a mass orc enslavement" after the draenei arrived on Azeroth. When and where exactly did it happen?

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