Friday, July 19, 2013

my rs suggestions

Name: Be Resourceful
Description: Enter the Daemonheim Peninsula Recource buy runescape accounts dungeon and gather five maple logs.
Levels required to complete: 30 Dungeoneering.
Other content required (if known):

(Medium task)

Name: Crush Crush Crush
Description: Kill any bone-dropping monster whilst having the bonecrusher in your inventory.
Levels required to complete: 21 Dungeoneering and 21 Prayer
Other content required (if known): 34000 tokens.

(Hard task)

Name: ReGuardless
Description: Walk past the guard into the Wilderness from Daemonheim sell rs accounts .
Levels required to complete: None
Other content required (if known):

Friday, July 12, 2013

Saradomin was one of the gods who destroyed the North

Yeah, right. Saradomin was one of the gods who destroyed the North and turned it into the Wilderness. The others were Zamorak, Bandos and Armadyl. Zaros was gone, but he caused a lot of destruction buy runescape accounts. Seren I supported for a while, but it unbalanced things. GUTHIX!!!!! If a Jmod could in-box me I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks. IN NEED OF ACCOUNT HELP. If you made an armadyl update, perhaps there won't be lag with his true awesomeness.

Nicholas, Saradomin is genocidal, and racist. He hates all the races that are "evil". Why would ANYone follow Saradomin? Zamorak will die on the hands of Zaros or in my own hands, I will make sure of it sell rs accounts. Everyone knows about Strength Through Chaos. Strength Through Wisdom is ridiculously dumb. "Your account has not logged out from its last session or the server is too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes or try a different server." I bet jagex is saving the best (Zaros) for last . Seren and Armadyl will be next ;3

Anyone else have faced this problem recently? Death to zamorak, saradomin, and ALL who threaten the world of guthix Runescape accounts sell!

Follow the godless, know your place, dodge the subjugators of the deities, chained no more! Saradomin is awesome, but I never imagined him looking like this. He looks so old and sickly.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I have a different perspective on MMG

Honestly it's utterly obvious to me, maybe because I have a different perspective than you and D4? I was just flabbergasted to keep hearing "you can't use the (entire) 200 million figure" because I was completely rs accounts for sale upfront about using a percentage. *shrug*

Hadn't heard of the petition, but I heard all about the private server and the legal action(or threats thereof). And that's what (I heard) got their attention and thinking about the possibilities. (A big part of that was the donations he got.) And you're right, it's about the possible revenue stream. There was what, 750,000 votes required for it to not only have no extra membership fee but also open to f2p? If we go by the hiscores, there aren't even that many members, and it was a members-only vote.

And you hit the main argument on the nose - as I understand it, D4 is under the impression that the forum vocal minority is heavily influential on jagex policy and actions. He's free to correct me if I'm wrong sell rs accounts in my impression of his position, though. My position always has been that majority will trump minority (no matter how vocal) every time, because the majority provides the greater part of the revenue, and no capitalistic company would aggravate the majority to please the minority.

I could be wrong, but my perception is that MMG is in a quite unenviable position. He has to make players happy *and* be responsible for making sure the company turns a profit (the two being connected sell runescape accounts, but still). He's got an extremely negative vocal minority to deal with (the only power such a vocal minority ever has being a negative one, and we've certainly seen that with player attrition. The vocal minority likes to lay all of that on Jagex, but personally I see it as a mix of the mistakes Jagex has made (and boy have they made some blunders I will admit) and the negativity being spread around by the vocal minority. When I started back in '08, if I had seen all the negativity, I might not have started. (cont)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Diablo is the first game I ever play

Diablo(the very first one) is the first game I ever play! Now I cant get off the computer to stop playing it! I CANT WAIT TIL IT COMES OUT OF PS3!!!Don't you think it would have suited the X-box one better, y'know with no single player and having to be online to play buy diablo 3 account...

Don't you think it would have suited the X-box one better, y'know with no single player and having to be online to play...Good d3 gold thing PC gamers beta tested it for the past year.great so does that mean you're getting rid of the auction house and mandatory online play for your pc customers?Nope! RMAH is too much of a cash cow for Actiblizzion to drop.

All of the people who say Diablo3 sucks should just stick it to Blizzard and build your own awesome game....wait, you can't buy d3 gold. I for once was excited to have some of my friends who are not pc gamers exposed to the awesomeness that is the Diablo world. From a business point of view: why wouldn't you want to expand your market and also expand your fan base? It's easier to complaint and pretend that console gaming is bellow you. I'm a pc gamer too and feel sorry for all the pc gamers who start acting like little girls if a pc exclusive gets released for console.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I have over 300 in my stash lol

Rare? I guess I just don't craft enough then because I have over 300 in my stash lol.What this game actualy need to be loved is a trading spot, like what d2 had. Trading in d2 was nice but was lacking of act1 quest 1 ... the one that place you out of town and you have to Diablo 3 account sell walk that useless path.

bored being killed by disconnect while playing HC ... no protection for players at all and still being ignored by developers.they are truly worthless.. does any one actually craft in this game? Do the people at blizzard actually pay attention to the people that played this game? there is rarely 200 people on this game game... and they pretend like people are still having fun on it lol.... its delusional.

Considering what the originally planned as well, and what they do with WoW, it could be so much more. At least enough to keep players here after max level, not everyone likes making chars that when they die they are gone forever.thought you used the auction house to hunt for gear/other crap. Are people actually out diablo 3 gold looking for stuff? Are people still playing the game? I'd love to see som stats.