Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm not in favor of Lodestones

While I'm not in favor of this, I'll still use it (why not? It's a competitive edge, after all). Can we at least make sure the following restrictions are in place:

1) No Elven LS w/o Regicide (maybe even Roving Elves) completed.
2) No Canifis LS w/o the quests to access Canifis(forget what they are, been so long since I did them) completed.
3) Warning on Wildy LS in case of misclicks (it'll be AWFULLY close to Edgeville LS, and I can't tell you how many times I've been trying to go to Fally, accidentally clicked Tav LS and wound up there).
4) No Fremmy LS w/o at least Fremmy Trials completed.
5) No Oo'glog w/o As a First Resort... completed.
6) No Eagle's Peak w/o, Eagle's Peak quest completed.

I think adding these req's will help balance them, and make it so that established lore is at least a little less ignored buy runescape accounts--aside from wildy one giving a warning. That one's just common sense.

1 comment:

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