Tuesday, May 7, 2013


i started playing runescape cuz i saw a guy in my class killing zombies i love zombies so i gave it a try i was ftp for years then i got my own computer and did members i been a member for about three years i believe haha. no matter what i like runescape i love that we can solo bosses i hate wow never played it never will i like how u make the characters look real not all bulky and overpowered this game is still good even though ppl complain about eoc i also complained but i noticed u are not going to change it so i adapted to it.You can buy rs accounts or selling runescape accounts on runescape2-accounts.com.  When u really like something u work it out and i did lol. Maybe u guys can work on new monsters stop focusing on specific kinds and start making new ones not single combat based but different atk types. i can happily submit new monster ideas or even drawings. runescape still gives me butterflies lol

jagex why are you letting people rent their own God Wars Dungeon? so stupid, now bandos armadyl and other items are going to crash in price. Can the f2ps atleast expect new quests? I'm on the verge of quitting it again.

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