Monday, July 1, 2013

I have over 300 in my stash lol

Rare? I guess I just don't craft enough then because I have over 300 in my stash lol.What this game actualy need to be loved is a trading spot, like what d2 had. Trading in d2 was nice but was lacking of act1 quest 1 ... the one that place you out of town and you have to Diablo 3 account sell walk that useless path.

bored being killed by disconnect while playing HC ... no protection for players at all and still being ignored by developers.they are truly worthless.. does any one actually craft in this game? Do the people at blizzard actually pay attention to the people that played this game? there is rarely 200 people on this game game... and they pretend like people are still having fun on it lol.... its delusional.

Considering what the originally planned as well, and what they do with WoW, it could be so much more. At least enough to keep players here after max level, not everyone likes making chars that when they die they are gone forever.thought you used the auction house to hunt for gear/other crap. Are people actually out diablo 3 gold looking for stuff? Are people still playing the game? I'd love to see som stats.

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