Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RS's F2P

Comments on any post made by Runescape are always hilarious. People yelling at eachother because the version the other person likes is the worse version of the game. Just play whatever the hell version you like. Calling someone a 'nostalgiafag' Is just stupid and uncalled for.

 They just recently achieved 200*,000,000 accounts, not just 2 million. Jagex measures their statistics pretty accurately - for the most part, most bots can't really be included in the unique monthly statistics, because they filter the results. and was that through the history? Only a short while ago didn't they only have 2,000,000 players and cheap runescape accounts? And did this include bots and maybe Gold Farmers. And how many of these "players" were the same person. Don't forget you can only have one character per account. So if you want two toons. You need 2 accounts. Also after a certain point you do hit pretty much endgame. You run out of new weps, armor, and quests. There's really no dungeons either. That'd be considered endgame once you run out of new content.

 You can still play RS's F2P for as long as you want - there's no F2P endgame. I don't know what game you've been playing if you think there's a F2P endgame. Just because you ran out of F2P quests? There's still plenty to do to have fun as a F2P player, granted that the members game is much more fun because of selling runescape accounts and how much more there is. There's approximately 1k hours of potential gameplay in the free game.

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