Monday, May 27, 2013

The role of the Alliance

Yet all this talk and discussion has been about the Horde, with very little told at all about the Alliance. Why? Because, quite frankly, the Alliance didn't need a reason to hate Garrosh. They probably didn't even need the destruction of Theramore, although it sealed the deal -- what Garrosh did in cheap wow gold Cataclysm was more than enough to have the Alliance clamoring for Garrosh's head. Varian was certainly gung-ho about going after him in the Ulduar trailer -- and Garrosh gave him more than enough reason to warrant the attack, with his casual insults. But Varian held back. And he continued to hold back. He held back all through Cataclysm, to the dismay and outrage of Alliance players. There was a logical reason for that, too -- the Alliance simply didn't have the forces to fight back where to buy wow gold. They lost a ton of good soldiers up in

Northrend, some to the Scourge, some to the Horde -- and the Cataclysm wreaked havoc on the Alliance races, too. The night elves were dealing with tremendous devastation in Darkshore and Ashenvale, the worgen had just been ousted from their kingdom, and the dwarves had just lost their beloved leader and were in the middle of a civil dispute for leadership. That left who -- the gnomes? The draenei? The gnomes were busy with their own troubles trying to take back Gnomeregan, something they still haven't fully completed. where to sell wow accounts The draenei are notoriously renowned for being by and large peacefully diplomatic -- they even helped the blood elves restore the Sunwell.

They put together the Shattered Sun Offensive to unite both Horde and Alliance against a common foe, and then watched that unity fall apart. They weren't about to throw themselves into open war. That meant that the Alliance had to be patient -- that Varian had to be patient. And he's been deliberately patient in Mists, because if nothing else, Theramore vividly demonstrated that charging blindly into a situation regarding the Horde was a terrible idea. He sent some of his best commanders to Theramore to help -- and saw them killed for their efforts. Varian doesn't want to lose any more lives than necessary, and he knows he can't just blindly rush in -- he has to assess the situation first.

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