Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Runescape Quest

Runescape! Let me start! I have played this game sense around 2006, I was 11 when I starting playing! I loved the game and played it till around 2009, from 2009-2012 I have gone on and off a few months at a time! You can buy runescape accounts on runescape2-accounts and you can also sell rs accounts. I love the direction the game is going in! I love all these beautiful updates, the graphics, quests! I love engaging in the voice quests! I love the game and I understand the SOF and its benefits! I just hope they never put items that allow for other quests/minigames!

QUESTS QUESTS QUESTS the first of the series should be f2p then the rest all p2p , this could be an awesome quest series, I am now so exited I fed mine a machete so his name is machete im too exited now. After I killed his father, I picked up its bone and gave it to my troll. Now its name is "My Own Dad"

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