Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There are 1 million likes

im f2p and im playing this game over 6 years, i quitted 1 year because all the updates, now im playing it again and i only see like max. 1000 people on a world, jagex remember those days like before the updates, how mutch people were online? i think that every world was full and now .... :s well here u go look what u have done jagex, what will be the next update? flying people?

There are 1 million likes because people like me forgot to unlike this page... we never bothered... but Runescape is so bad now. After quitting since the big combat update, I decided to check the homepage and see if they took it out yet... and then I saw the update about the mask and how they reached 1 million likes on Facebook and selling runescape accounts, so that reminded me to unlike it

EoC ruined Runescape for me, so i cancelled my subscription. And if enough people quit, they will change and buy cheap runescape accounts. People started hating the game after they took the wildy out, and now it's back, right?

I hate the abilities cause it makes lower levels too strong, almost negating the time and effort higher level players put in to get their stats high. Oh, and the way they calculate XP now (especially mage combat) sucks. I used to average 500xp per CAST in Ape Atoll dungeon.... not anymore.

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