Thursday, April 11, 2013

THANK YOU so much, Jagex!

THANK YOU so much, Jagex!! I've never been a PKer or a Mercher, but the fact that these are back, I feel much happier about RuneScape. It just seems right.

Ignore all the flamers, complainers, and ignorant players who came post-Old Wilderness and post-Free Trade. They have no idea what they were about to experience, and as such, they were under-prepared. They didn't expect to get cheap runescape accounts and rushed in the Wilderness, not pay attention and get scammed, be lured into the wilderness, become greedy in the Dueling Arena, or go into the WILDERNESS to the Forinthery Dungeon - all losing their items. Sometimes, when one doesn't think logically, it's best to learn by experience... that's what these players are doing.

In the world today, this "spoon-feed-me-all-the-facts-tools-funds-excuses-for-life-and-I'm-never-responsible" mentality is like a plague and the less-mature players of RuneScape are showing it on the forums. So, to Jagex and the players, IGNORE THEM and let them LEARN from their own MISTAKES.

This is RuneScape as it should be. Grow up, complainers.

Back to the regular issue... I'm just so glad this is all back. The market is beginning to thrive, gold (the currency) is "worth more" now, the prices are becoming more appropriate and selling runescape accounts, and the market is now absolutely fair. Merching is possible again.

PK'ing is now profitable - AS IT SHOULD BE - considering you're risking your items, many times at least one very expensive item (if you want to be effective). You now get what the other player possessed if you successfully defeat him - AS IT SHOULD BE.

Though scamming is back (and luring, I don't think should be against the rules, though it is dishonest), so is community and the usefulness of the report system. I'll take a good, thriving community with its few lumps any day over the dormant society RuneScape was prior to the event.

This is what's fair. This is what has returned. This is what RuneScape should be.

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