Thursday, May 9, 2013

Varrock Points of Interest

 Varrock’s shops are always well-stocked with the best items, but the real attraction is the Grand Exchange, where players of all shapes and sizes can come to trade or buy items that may be normally out of their reach. The Grand Exchange is always open, with its clerks working 24/7 to help you find the best deal possible. The Grand Exchange is located in the north-west of Varrock, with certain items (such as the ring of wealth) transporting you there instantly.

Varrock looks prepared for an invasion. This is the price the city pays for sitting so close to the Wilderness and Morytania. Walking about near Varrock's eastern bank is a Town Crier, who is more than happy to explain the Rules of Conduct and the role of Player Moderators. cheap rs accounts for sale now.

You can access the Rune Essence Mine by having a quick chat with Aubury, who can be found in his rune shop in the south-east of the city. South of the city is the Champions' Guild, which is constantly keeping an eye out for talented adventurers. You are also able to buy some potent items upstairs.

Aside from this, the guards and locals might prove worthwhile combat targets to those interested in advancing their skills.

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