Sunday, April 14, 2013

which would you choose?

If you could change the outcome of one of the RuneScape quests which would you choose? Something storychanging after Ghost's Ahoy. Nothing profound happens to Port Phasmatys after being "liberated" by your petition/manipulation. The protestors and other villagers still remain. I believe this would be a key to the Eastern Lands, given the npc posted there who sells bolt racks. I'd like to suggest that either you make all the items available on the SoF available on F2P, and/or give us the option to convert member items into coins, or create two separate SoF's; one for P2P and another for F2P(with no member items being available).So many characters had tragic deaths in quests...One Piercing Note, The World Wakes, While Guthix Sleeps, Song from the Depths or selling runescape accounts...But if the endings weren't as tragic, the quests wouldn't be as meaningful.

 I would stop sliske by throwing my godsword trough his chest. Take the staff of armadyl. And use it to kill him. As well as all who are blinded by loyalty for their gods *cough* zilyana *cough* I'd change the outcome of all the penguin quests in RuneScape. It all turned out to be a dream. The Penguin storyline is in my opinion the only downside on RuneScape. You have a whole fantasy world with tons of creatures to make epic storylines with, and still there are some killerpenguins. Kudos to therest though or buy runescape account.

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