Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Runescape Wilderness Warbans for RS Players

Quercus will regularly send out notifications as warband camps crop up in the Wilderness. You'll need to gather some strong, trustworthy friends, gear up, and make your way there past the PKers and other perils of the Wilderness. Do this, though, and with skill, teamwork and plenty of courage, you'll be able to take the warband down.
Armadyl Warbands

If you've set your sights on taking out a warband, a direct assault isn't the way to go. Each warband camp is based around a buy runescape accounts summoning beam, used by the warband to summon in allies. Get close enough without being seen, and you'll be able to convert the beam, switching its alignment to that of a rival god. The conversion process is quicker the more people are involved, so be sure to sneak in as many saboteurs as you can. Once that's complete, the colour of the beam will change, and you'll be able to start another such process: this time, a summoning ritual to bring in a rival warband! Once successful, the opposing force will attack and you can get stuck into the fight on your own terms. These are the first enemies in the game to use Evolution of Combat mechanics and all-new AI, so they'll still be formidable foes!
Saradomin Warbands

If you make yourself seen, the warband will summon like-minded rogues through the beam, and the fight will be stacked against you. Also, sell runescape accounts  never forget that this is the Wilderness. You'll make a tempting target for PKers - or even traitors from your own ranks - who may deliberately alert the warband to distract you while they take you down.

Everyone involved with converting the beam or summoning in the rival warband will receive a healthy helping of Prayer or Summoning XP (respectively) at the completion of each stage. The leader of each warband also gives a chunk of Slayer XP to those responsible for his demise. On top of that, each warband's camp includes tents, filled with crates of ill-gotten goods related to a number of skills: Construction, Farming, Herblore, Mining and Smithing. Everyone involved can loot up to 25 of these per camp, and bringing these back to Quercus will earn you generous XP in the crates' related skills. You can't teleport while carrying the crates, though, so this might be easier said than done!

Slayer fans!

Good news Slayer fans! We're extending this weekend's Slayer mask promotion until Thursday 28th!

what about those of us who don't want slayer xp lamps. I have been having to convert all my slayer lamps into cash can't I have skill xp lamps instead.

Am i the only one whos mad because i cant log onto old school runescape with my Facebook account. buy runescape accounts and sell runescape accounts on

Abraham, EoC barely has players lol. 07 has thousands because it's clearly better. EoC is a waste of their time and money. The sooner they realize that, the better they will be..

Also, judging a game purely off graphics is shallow instead of by its game play.. Minecraft, for example, is really fun and has the graphics of a nintendo...

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wilderness Battle

Back in the horrible wildly with ep% i had no ep% at all but was with my clan in f2p at the chaos altar in deep left wildly. I was in monk robes with a rune 2h. full invent of lobbies. I got a tar and decided to wait there for him. When he got there he 2 was also in monk robes and just a rune 2h. he told me to kill him as he said some1 else would get the drop since he was attacked. I ended with the drop the and not only that but also a corrupt doling. ran for my life to the gee. RS accounts for sale cheap on runescape2-accounts now. Then, sold for 1.1m after that i bought full rune trim and decided to troll. Went to the wildly vole and hopped to a high risk world. and tried to run up and down the stairs. On the second run a mage stunned me then i got piled by 20 archers

Fought a friend of mine after over a year of others complaining and berating me over being afraid to fight in the wilderness, as if low leveled and weak....he had a ring of life, and he teleported...still counts as a win, I don't and won't waste my time fighting others because skilling's better in my opinion. Also, duel arena.
Here are two of the best methods to make money. Method #1 is do-able now. Method #2 won't be do-able until you get almost maxed mage. Buy sell runescape accounts

1) Runecrafting using the abyss... You could craft roughly 1000 runes or more per hour, depending on your rc level. Laws, Comics, and Astrals sell best. Crafting double Cosmics and double Astrals will give you the most money for runecrafting. Back in 2007, I was able to make 400K gp per hour selling Cosmics, and 800K gp per hour selling Astrals.

2) Also, when your mage is high enough to cast Vengeance Other and Energy Transfer (lunar spells), selling your services at Edgeville, in a world where there is pk'ing at the wildy ditch, can net even more money than rc'ing. Back in 2007 I was able to make 1M gp per hour this way.

As the economy in OSRS is still in its early stages, the gp per hour may be off. But as the economy picks up, these earnings should be relatively close to what comes about

Getting killed in full rune, sell runescape accounts to get some real money, going back and then smashed him with magic getting my rune stuff back plus a whip and some dragon gear, this was ages ago though..

Keep asking where the rum has gone?

Keep asking where the rum has gone? Join RuneHQ on W60 at 10pm GMT in Trouble Brewing to find out!

Why does everyone torture me...? A wise old man once said "sharing is caring" and then threw the rest of his coffee down a well... And children, that's how the plague started. true story.

yes, the rum is gone WHY IS THE RUM GONE? One, because it is a vile drink that turns even the most repectable men into complete scoundrels and runescape accounts for sale, two,

Did you post on the forums or send a ticket? If forums, just keep checking the thread, if ticket keep an eye on your account messages via your account page. -Crow

there's no set amount of time it will take. Just keep checking back and our tech support guys will respond as soon as possible. -Crow

Hey Runescape I got a question. I replied to customer supports email 2 days ago and they still haven't replied back now. Should I just wait or send an email again or what? Usually they reply within 24 hours.

Yeah same I want my old hacked account back I had a lvl 103 on oldschool and it got hacked by a keylogger my account was named yummyonthis and firstly known as jimbeam92

PLEASE tell me you are finally sell runescape accounts adding dual wielding for dungeoneering. Not to mention buffing some monsters, and how about a 'no puzzle' options, you'll get less xp and tokens, but i would be happy if i could raid a dungeon without doing those pain-in-the-back puzzles...