Monday, March 25, 2013

Keep asking where the rum has gone?

Keep asking where the rum has gone? Join RuneHQ on W60 at 10pm GMT in Trouble Brewing to find out!

Why does everyone torture me...? A wise old man once said "sharing is caring" and then threw the rest of his coffee down a well... And children, that's how the plague started. true story.

yes, the rum is gone WHY IS THE RUM GONE? One, because it is a vile drink that turns even the most repectable men into complete scoundrels and runescape accounts for sale, two,

Did you post on the forums or send a ticket? If forums, just keep checking the thread, if ticket keep an eye on your account messages via your account page. -Crow

there's no set amount of time it will take. Just keep checking back and our tech support guys will respond as soon as possible. -Crow

Hey Runescape I got a question. I replied to customer supports email 2 days ago and they still haven't replied back now. Should I just wait or send an email again or what? Usually they reply within 24 hours.

Yeah same I want my old hacked account back I had a lvl 103 on oldschool and it got hacked by a keylogger my account was named yummyonthis and firstly known as jimbeam92

PLEASE tell me you are finally sell runescape accounts adding dual wielding for dungeoneering. Not to mention buffing some monsters, and how about a 'no puzzle' options, you'll get less xp and tokens, but i would be happy if i could raid a dungeon without doing those pain-in-the-back puzzles...

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